To dismiss the leadership of the NACP, we need to change the law – the Shabunin

The Cabinet cannot dismiss the leadership of the National Agency for prevention of corruption (NACP) for the actual breakdown of the second wave of the Declaration, as it has under the law of such powers. First you need to Verkhovna Rada amended the law on prevention of corruption. Comments about this “Today” said the head of the Center of counteraction of corruption Vitaly Shabunin.

“The first nine months of the software (register electronic declarations — Ed.) in the hands of the state. When there were problems with the first wave, it was possible to blame the UN, activists, “Miranda” (the company that developed the software for registry – Ed.) aliens. After that, it’s been six months, nothing was done. During this time, it was possible to write software, if it was so bad. Nothing has been done. First, why is nothing done? Because from the point of view of punishment for non-conformity of state public servants of their earnings, it is critical for the second electronic Declaration – there is a base for comparison. I stress that the discrepancy between paper returns and electronic is not an offence. It’s not even an administrative offence, not to mention the crime. Therefore, the most important was the second electronic Declaration”, – said Vitaly Shabunin.

According to him, the law on prevention of corruption, responsible for the registry is the NACP. “Manages the register by the decision of the NACP and the contract with SOE, OSS (“Ukrainian special systems” – Ed.). This venture in the vertical of State. Now what is the fault of both? CSS had the most problems with the first wave, they failed. The responsibility of NACP is that instead of change of registrant, continued a contract with them. Here are the specific responsibility and NACP, and CSS. What’s important now? Do I need to punish NACP, at least, throwing the user to the dustbin of history? Just need, 100% need. But what’s more important is to ensure filing of returns. That’s job No. 1. The next task was, no doubt, a change of leadership. But do not change sewed on soap, and change of the tender procedure, implementation of the new competition. The Cabinet now can’t fire NACP, they have no reason to. We need to change the law and then to dismiss them. That is, there is no other legal way except to change the law,” – said Shabunin.

Recall, as during the first wave of filing for 2015 the TOP officials in the autumn of last year, for the past weeks “hanging” electronic website filing. Until April 1, our database will have 100 thousand new declarations of TOP officials of 2016: President, Prime Minister, Ministers, deputies, judges, prosecutors. The timing of the filing of the “second wave” (police, doctors, rectors of Universities – more than 700 thousand people), the Council extended until 1 may.

At the Cabinet meeting , Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman urged members of the NACP to resign, because of inability to provide normal work of a site of electronic declarations.

The President of the National Agency for corruption prevention (NACP) Natalia Korchak to resign is not going to.