Russia and the United States nervous about spies. But the evidence is difficult

Whether the West has reason to worry that the Russian authorities broke into his communication network and use the obtained information for improper purposes? As follows from the statements made by American intelligence agencies in 2016, it is obviously not in doubt. Russia accused of systematic illegal activities, including the manipulation of public opinion in the United States in favor of the candidacy of Donald trump during the presidential campaign.

The U.S. Senate responded with a bill on economic sanctions, which was supported by an overwhelming majority. And the President felt obliged to sign it in the interests of “national unity”. Events associated with the “Russian theme”, starting “push” even for him.

While trump settled in the camp of supporters of a positive reset in Russian-American relations. No American — even Henry Kissinger — has ever been so strong position in this matter. When trump met with Vladimir Putin during the summit of “Big twenty”, it was evident that they feel a sense of mutual warmth. After Putin denied allegations that his men, guided by malice, tested, studied the strength of the American political establishment, trump, apparently, was satisfied. As can be seen, Putin’s words were to accept without objection.

Others in America have done the opposite conclusion, but, strangely, few people paid due attention to what is happening this summer in the Ministry of defence. In the center of events — “Kaspersky Lab”. Is a private company the business of which consists in providing antivirus protection the most serious in the world customers. The company has major offices in new York and London, has acquired world fame thanks to ability to resist hacking. According to advertising booklets of the company, the virus is able to “kill” the computer intruders, as a poisoned mosquitoes. Therefore, the Pentagon and used the services of the company.

But the senators in the mass thought otherwise. In addition to offices in the Western countries, “Kaspersky Lab” has a large office in Moscow. Why the Pentagon considers it appropriate to entrust the protection of computer systems vital for the security of a foreign company, which is presumably connected with the authorities of the hostile state? “Kaspersky lab” denies its cooperation with the Russian special services and stands his ground, waiting for developments.

It’s not the end of history and the more — not its beginning, because the initial scandal broke in Washington and in Moscow. In January of this year at meeting of Board of FSB have been a scene worthy of the pen of John Le Carre. Then the opposition newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” briefly wrote about the incident. In the midst of the meeting in the hall there were FSB operatives detained a senior officer Sergei Mikhailov, who in the information security Center of FSB in charge of cyber operations. Before sending in a gloomy prison Lefortovo on his head wore a light-tight bag. At the same time employees of the FSB were arrested and the main man of “Kaspersky Lab” in the Russian capital — although, according to the statement of the press service of the Laboratory, the arrest was not related to his work in the company. Any reliable information about the fate of detainees there.

As is evident from all this, the political elites in Russia and in America — are experiencing a fair amount of concern about the attempts by both countries to penetrate into a communication system to each other and to manipulate the received data by threatening their careers. Putin, in an interview with Oliver stone said he is outraged by the fact that the CIA maintains relationships with Russian opposition politicians. He also still blames the United States that they in 2014 “supported the coup” organized against President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych — a corrupt former Kiev Putin ally. According to Putin, what made America, much worse than the hacking of the mail servers of political parties during the election campaign.

This is not a story that will be quickly forgotten, and both sides react to it, hypocritically “perplexed” and expressing dissatisfaction. And if Russia with its policy toward America has long defined U.S. policy toward Russia Trump and his Secretary Rex Tillerson yet to be formulated. On the sidelines of the summit of “Big twenty” was signed some kind of deal to “mute” the civil war in the South of Syria. Tillerson openly declared Ukraine’s right to independence and territorial integrity. And while the people of Eastern Europe — from Estonia to Poland is watching all this with alarm. For them, Ukraine is the first in a row of standing Domino records. If it falls, it creates the risk that they will not be able to resist and to resist.

A lot is at stake — and not only in Washington but also in Moscow. This topic is very painful, and Putin, of course, made it clear at the summit of “Big twenty”. There is a complex situation — more complex than during the cold war, when the White house and the Kremlin had intervened in high politics each other. After the collapse of communism, Russia no longer acts as a true superpower. Putin, apparently, called Trump their conditions of mutual concessions. It is possible that trump also called the. When the clouds will vanish, we will need skilled negotiators who are able to negotiate in the future. And while the countries located to the West of Russia, there is reason to worry that any big transaction might prove betrayal and deceit.