The results of the week: Ukrainians continue to sell the currency, and Facebook is working on “rebuilding the world”


60% of Ukrainians

work – as evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the group “Rating” in December last year. Among those not working: 32% retired, 27% – do housework and look after children, 13% – study, 21% were unemployed but looking for work, 6% unemployed and not looking for work. 88% of those who are working – wage workers, and 12% self-employed persons (entrepreneurs working in the family business, etc.).

increased by 57,5%

in January compared to the same period in 2016, airlines of Ukraine, the volume of passenger traffic – up to 676,5 thousand. While international transport grew by 60.6 per cent and amounted to 608,2 thousand people Per month of the airline fulfilled 6.6 thousand commercial flights, which is by 34.3% more than a year ago, including international – 5,6 thousand flights (an increase of 35%).

53.4 million dollars

was in January the net sales (excess of sale over purchase) of foreign currency by the population through the banking system. At the end of last year the net sales of cash foreign currency amounted to 2.48 billion dollars, which is 1.6 times higher than in 2015.

increased by 9.8%

in January the number of registered unemployed in Ukraine – up to 429 thousand people, reported state statistics Committee. The number of unemployed receiving benefits increased by 34.1 thousand people to 351,2 thousand Average benefit in January 2015 amounted to UAH. 1997 against UAH. in December. Got the job in January to 3.9% of the registered unemployed.


anti-corruption cases do not reach court, this was stated by Nazar Golodnitsky, head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office.

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reduction to 10%

electricity consumption in peak hours is necessary to provide the regional state administrations, power companies and industrial enterprises. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Ministry of regional development Gennady Zubko, referring to the difficult situation in the energy sector of the country.

accelerated to 4.7%

the growth of Ukraine’s GDP in the fourth quarter of 2016, compared to the same period of 2015, compared to 2% in the third quarter, this rating was published by the state statistics service. For the quarter growth adjusted for seasonal factors amounted to 1.9%.

$ 150 million

state guarantees approved by the Cabinet to raise loan from the International Bank for reconstruction and development (IBRD), designed to support enterprises of small and medium business, leading the export activity. The loan will attract the state Ukreximbank.

13.6 million tons

sunflower seeds produced by Ukrainian farmers in 2016, which is 21.7% more than in 2015, said the Association “Ukroliyaprom”. This is a record figure. Production of sunflower oil in the past year increased by 18.7% and exports – by 23%. The production of refined sunflower increased by only 5%. According to Gosstata, production of crude sunoil in Ukraine in 2016 increased by 20.2% to 4.4 million tonnes, Ukraine is the world’s largest exporter of sunflower oil. Last year Ukrainian enterprises exported a record volume of sunflower oil and 4.8 million tonnes, 23% more in annual terms. In 2015, the sunflower seed production was the most profitable agricultural business with a profitability index of 80.5% in local currency.

will not exceed 2,4%

the growth of Ukraine’s economy in 2017 with an inflation rate of 11.7% and the rate of 28 UAH per dollar, which is worse than government forecasts expecting economic growth of 3% with an inflation rate of 8.1% and the rate of 27.2 hryvnia to the dollar. This is stated in the expert consensus forecast published by the Ministry of economic development and trade.

38.3 billion hryvnia

amounted in January-September net profit of Ukrainian state companies and the aggregate value of assets of 1.5 trillion UAH. These are the data of the Ministry of economy. There are 3447 state-owned companies, of which only 1789, and unemployed – 1296. The data on the status of the 362 companies in General do not exist.

862 thousand people

is the number of full-time employees of the state sector of the economy, their average salary, 5.8 thousand UAH. in a month, but the amount of wage arrears reached 745 million UAH. according to the Ministry of economy.


up to 400 million euros

can highlight the European investment Bank (EIB) for a joint agricultural policy of the project of financing of the Ukrainian small and medium farmers. The same amount should be allocated to the Ukrainian side. The loan will be directed primarily at supporting small and medium-sized farms that receive at least 70% of the total. The remaining 30% will receive the operators of the public sector: a research station, laboratories.

35% of GDP

amounted in January-September the level of shadow economy in Ukraine, which is 5 percentage points lower compared to the same period in 2015, announced the Ministry of economy. The Ministry believes that the legalization is the result, in particular, maintaining a relative macroeconomic stability. She also contributed to the improvement of the business climate as a result of deregulation and streamlining the functioning of the public sector

37 banks

initiated diagnostic examination of asset quality and capital adequacy, according to the NBU. Earlier, the national Bank has reviewed the first 60 banks in the country in terms of assets. Now it is the turn of others, the assets of which less than 2% of banking system assets.

The world

to six years and three months

prison for financial fraud and tax evasion sentenced-in-law of the Spanish king. His wife, the sister of king were found innocent, but she must pay a fine of 265 thousand euros as a “civil liability”. The case was investigated since 2010

$ 18 million

according to prosecutors, listed Samsung Corporation in favor of the girlfriend of the President of South Korea, which is now dismissed. The court approved the arrest, Vice-President and actual head of the Corporation Lee Jae-Yong.

decreased by 3%

for 2016, the number of new wind installations in the EU compared to 2015, However, last year the wind was generated by 12.5 thousand GWh. Of them 5 thousand GWh produced in Germany which is the leader of wind energy in the EU. In the past year, more than half of the EU does not invested in wind energy – wind power are primarily interested in the state of North-Western Europe and Scandinavia.


increased by 10.2%

in January new car sales in the EU. This is the highest indicator over the past nine years. According to the European Association of automobile manufacturers, growth was recorded across all the major markets of the continent. Leader Volkswagen, whose share in the market of the region is 24.1%. Its sales increased by 10.3%.

around five main themes

built software the appeal of Mark Zuckerberg, head of Facebook, published on 17 February and is entitled “On the construction of a world community.” These themes are: willingness to help within the community, security, awareness, civic engagement and the opportunities for participation and development for all. According to analysts, the head and founder of Facebook changes the strategy and position of the company. Previously, she was a passive tool that unites people, but now its role may increase. M. Zuckerberg wants to transition from social networks for friends and family to the development of global social infrastructure. As of late January, the monthly audience of Facebook has reached 1.86 billion people worldwide (an increase of 17% over the year).