In vain Russia blames the West

The idea that the West humiliated Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, is gradually fixed in the minds. But here it is very controversial. If this does not put an end, not only is she even more firmly established in Russia through the efforts of Vladimir Putin and his regime, but will receive support in Europe and particularly in France, where she promoted a variety of leaders, from marine Le Pen to Jean-Luc Mélenchon and françois Fillon.

Russia as many may consider themselves humiliated, but in any case does not mean that she is not primarily responsible for what happened to her after 1991 and not have to think about myself and the paranoia that encourages the Russian people to take gartenschau position. The more alarming trend is that the theme of “humiliation” resonates with the question of identity, where emotions rise above the mind.

Against the truth

What kind of humiliation was discussed when former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev has made from the Bush administration’s readiness to refrain from the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 1991 and to limit the liberation of Kuwait? If you look at the current situation in the middle East, the question arises, would it not be better to shift the Baghdad dictator in 1991 during operation “desert Storm”. Maybe it would have prevented a crazy adventure of Bush in Iraq in 2003.

Much-criticized Russia NATO expansion to the East is a lie of the supporters of the theory of humiliation. Even if NATO would commit themselves not to expand to East in 1990-ies, what would be the right to decide for Central and Eastern Europe gained independence? They wanted to move under the NATO umbrella because taught history and know what it’s like to be a weak neighbor of Russia.

West should reject the candidacy of Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland, which was occupied and bled white by the red army during the cold war? Especially since, as you can easily verify the quality of the relationship with Russia of any country does not depend on its membership of NATO. For example, a member of the Alliance, Greece has always had close ties with Moscow, with which it unites Orthodoxy.

The sense of humiliation

If the end of the cold war became a trauma for Russia, she can blame for it only itself. Should I remind you of the devastating effects of Soviet occupation on human health and the environment, the consequences of which are, alas, visible for how long? When freedom is so alien to the system crashing, it is not surprising the lack of attractive forces. The Soviet regime for decades bluffing opponents and citizens. It worked until the day before the Russian authorities did not have on hand enough cards to continue the game with Washington for world domination. Russia entered the game, made a bet and lost.

It Sovietism with its Stalinist and post-Stalinist variations is responsible for the feeling of humiliation of the Russian state and society. It was he, not the West, which only took advantage of the defeat of the old enemy. Unless someone would have done differently? Adept in the real politics of the Soviet government began to act differently in case of a victory in party with capitalism?

Criticism of the theory of the humiliation of Russia by the West will not lead to the confirmation of the neoconservative theories that are now in Vogue in the transatlantic space, but allows you to break the irrational bonds whose sole purpose is to keep the relationship solely in the emotional register, representing the West main and only villain.

Not allies, but vassals

Despite the raging in Moscow nationalist rhetoric, no one is trying to destroy Russia or to bring it under control (except, perhaps, totalitarian and authoritarian regimes that existed in modern history). No state seeks to undermine the power of Russia, based on the economy, which limited arms sales, and oil and gas extraction. At the same time, Russia, which, according to President Putin, has no boundaries, does not hesitate to impose their conception of history and the future neighbors. Moscow need not allies, but vassals.

Why do those who are outraged about the supposed “humiliation” of Russia by the West, fall silent when it comes to the humiliation that Moscow inflicted neighbors for centuries? Let’s ask the Ukrainians, Caucasians and Balts, the former people’s democracies of Eastern Europe what they think of Russian domination. The emancipation of the peoples double standards? That is, national liberation is legitimate, when there is a confrontation with the West, and illegally, when the goal is Russia, the other colonial power?

Rationality in the discussion of Russia does not mean arrogance or revenge. “To Russia must be treated as bad weather,” said Bismarck. Its neighbors and the West should close the umbrella Europe from Putin’s shower, without exception and without favour.