This technique Finns would not like to see in the sky over their country

Finn Hannah Wallace (Hannu Vallas) was present at the largest in Russia event with the participation of military equipment, which in total were attended by 340 thousand people. The atmosphere was very Patriotic, he says.

Russia has shown the best samples of military equipment, says a former pilot of the air forces of Finland and the journalist of the edition Siivet Hannah Wallace about MAKS, held near Moscow.

“It was a focus of patriotism, if I may say so. The commentator called the names of the pilots who talked about their experiences and achievements. The public was given to understand that the air force of Russia occupy a leading position in the world.”

“The people shouted “Hurrah!” during performances of the aircraft and after. There were a lot of young people. For example, the girls filmed a video on the phone,” says Wallace.

The youth were enthusiastically set up. Also gathered a lot of young couples.

“Is it about patriotism? Russian air defense is obviously very important for the Russians, I can even say that it is a question of identity. I was left with the impression,” he says.

The event was attended by many people in four days — 340 thousand people. Most were Russian, and was attended by international media.

Demonstration demonstration air battles

Wallace says that at an air show demonstrated three unique demonstration of air combat. One of them took part in two of the latest, which is still at the stage of development of the Russian fifth generation fighter T-50.

Consisting now armed with the most effective Russian su-35 demonstrated the combat, the su-35 carried out the attack on the su-34. The fighters flew at low altitude and demonstrated a variety of maneuvers to a large audience.

“In my opinion, these demonstrations of aerial combat have been organized on a global level,” he says.

The exhibition was impressive — on the field stood more than 150 samples. The newest fighter T-50 could not even come close, he only participated in a demonstration flight. The fighters are still in the development stage, and T-50 is the first fifth generation fighter in Russia.

Currently the US has two fifth generation fighter, China is now engaged in their development.
Wallace says that he went to an air show because he wanted to get acquainted with new technology and modern condition of the air forces of Russia. Show the aircraft in demonstration flights, but most information about them to hard.

“The new fighters I could not see. Young people handed out brochures on these models, but no technical data was not specified. I was disappointed by the fact that everything was written in Russian”, — he said.

Propaganda and appeal to Patriotic feelings

Wallace said that the event was imbued with the spirit of patriotism. Obviously, Russia wanted to demonstrate to its citizens that the country is the world’s best fighters and the air force. This was confirmed by the guide who spoke Russian.

Wallace believes that by showing the Russians maneuvers do not correspond to the real capabilities of fighter aircraft in a combat situation. Demonstration of air combat was conducted for lifting of patriotism.


“We are talking about the present and future of air combat. Now there is a tendency to air fights are out of sight: a radar aircraft detected the target and all the air defense system from afar. Missiles fly at a distance of 100-200 kilometers,” he said.

The guide speaking in Russian, was with a group of journalists and museums of air forces of Russia. It turned out that the air defense artillery Museum old guides tell the many colorful stories that he was impressed.

“For example, it was argued that the Winter war began on the initiative of Germany and Finland, and Finland attacked Russia. Then began the real argument between our guide and the guide, and each urged the other to read the history books. Talked about the fact that Russia destroyed in the war 500 Finnish aircraft,” says Wallace.

Finland has never had so many planes, laughs Wallace.


He noted that the distorted information and outright propaganda in the Museum was very much like during the Patriotic air show.