Whether Ukrainian migrant workers in Poland?

All people always trying to seek a better life. Someone start up a business and becomes happy, that has their own business, and someone goes on a long journey with only one desire to earn and a lack of confidence in what will happen next. This assurance often depends on the stories of our friends about how Europe’s attitude to the Ukrainians, given Ukraine bezviz and many other factors. More than a million Ukrainians officially working in Poland (the illegals — a separate conversation). What awaits them? Will they return home?

Migrate not only Ukrainians

The average wage in Poland amounts to 1 $ 100. In the UK the minimum wage accumulates to $ 1,300. This and other factors led to massive emigration of poles to the West.

The percentage of unemployed in Poland is very small, but this does not mean a lack of jobs. The new government has reduced the retirement age, introduced social reforms, thanks to which women began to pay more attention to the family, getting a good assistance from the state to increase the birth rate.

A reduction in the number of Polish citizens who wish to apply for low-skilled jobs, for which you can get many times more in the UK. However, the state is rapidly developing, improving social standards, and that’s all you need to keep afloat.

Ukrainians are building Poland

This situation had two options: return the poles to their homeland and attracting migrants. The first process is very long and extremely costly, while the migrants — quick tactical decision.

Poland has become sort of a “Playground of dreams” for Ukrainians where it is possible to quickly earn money for the wedding, a car or a house, and generally see the world. Warsaw turned a blind eye to many violations in the design of contracts, were not allowed to conduct large-scale raids on places where illegal immigrants lived Ukrainian origin. Poland got what it wanted: cheap (and often skilled) labor force that will be happy to keep industrial and tourist-based economy of the state.

Here are just some of the data: the Polish Ministry of labour provides information according to which 83% of work permits for migrants received by our citizens. So, now on the territory of our Western neighbor, employs more than a million Ukrainians officially arranged. They deal with agriculture, construction, and coming in the tourism sector.

There is no sky without clouds

Obviously, everything has its beginning and its end. Today we can speak about a whole range of circumstances which give reason to rejoice Ukrainian immigrants. It is possible to summarize and present the following items:

Government control over immigration

The Polish government is actively collaborating with its private sector in terms of obtaining reliable information about the precise digit deficit of workers with certain skills. The manifestation of this can be seen in the special companies-the intermediaries who are looking for specific gardeners or builders. Warsaw is not interested to get an extra million unemployed, who will wander about in search of work in its interests to migrant to cross the border with a definite plan. The plan also includes leaving the country after a certain period of time. The government Szydlo trying to question the feasibility of each migrant. That’s why you could hear that poles EN masse refuse to grant a visa: proposals on the labour market are many, and the demand of the election. Also it played the role of fake mediators, which Ukrainians paid their money for assistance in obtaining visas and, as a consequence, they were refused for providing false documents that verify very picky.

Myths about salary

When we hear about the average monthly salary in Poland in 1100 dollars, this does not mean that on arrival you’ll pick it up. Statistics show that Ukrainians there earn an average of $ 550, that is less than two times. Add to this the taxes, accommodation and meals, and the picture beginning to emerge is somewhat different.

A sense of national pride

Between Ukraine and Poland there is a “war of monuments”. Not to inflate the scale of this action, it is worth noting that in most cases, the culprits were Pro-Russian forces. For example, in Poland it “Camp of great Poland”, which was recently investigated and proved that a number of movements are financed directly from the Kremlin. From time to time in the Polish press, you can see news about how they were beaten by the Ukrainians under their halls of residence on ethnic grounds. It’s hard to say that this is very common, but do not forget that in the perception of poles by Ukrainian immigrants only guests who came to make money. And no more.

Be friends or something more?

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda has repeatedly expressed hope for the formation of the project “Intermarum”, which would mean an increase in the level of cooperation between our peoples several times. In addition to personal affection to the allied relations with Ukraine, in front of the Polish President and his supporters of “Law and justice” is the issue of Russian aggression. Especially against the background of progress in the State Duma the new bill according to which the process of obtaining Russian citizenship for those born in the USSR and abroad, it becomes extremely easy.

The pace increased. According to various forecasts, Poland will score an additional 5 million migrant workers in the coming years to make the economy work. As Ukrainians unite and create a Union that can help with your legal questions and provide temporary shelter or food in case of a critical situation. At the state level, such processes gave the green light, which means that the Polish government intends to make a number of Ukrainian labor migrants permanent, bind it to the place of work, not to spend extra money for search of new labour. Moreover, Beata Szydlo constantly using the Ukrainians as a reason to abandon the quota of Syrian refugees, because he believes our migrants as a labor force, and as refugees, and therefore, it seems that Poland meets its commitments in a different light.

News: Ukraine and Poland will jointly guard places of memory

The desire to work abroad is necessarily associated with the ability to have narrow specialization, which in near future will be the basis for the search of new employees from Ukraine. Profession a wide range (handyman) will gradually become obsolete, and therefore our countrymen will be all the harder to get only because of the desire to earn a zloty.

Ukraine is interested in development of bilateral relations, and Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman has stated that Ukrainian migrants have played a positive role in supporting our economy from abroad. Indeed, about $ 5 billion to Ukraine annually come from abroad, in cash and via transfer, a lot from Poland. However, could our compatriots to bring Ukraine more by working at Home?