The Guardian (UK): the legislature of Michigan with an armed black guard

Wednesday black trendsetter 36-year-old Sarah Anthony (Sarah Anthony) was in the Michigan state Capitol, accompanied by armed black citizens, making it a few days later after the white protesters with guns staged a protest inside the legislative Assembly, called “tyranny” by the Governor-Democrat, give them to the health authorities.

The state Assemblyman Anthony said that he wanted to emphasize the inability of Michigan police to ensure the safety of lawmakers during a protest in which demonstrators with a gun entered the legislative chamber and settled on the balcony above the legislators.

“When we bring the traditional system, be it law enforcement or something else, we are able to take care of themselves”, — she told “the guardian”. Anthony became the first African-American to be elected in 2018 to represent his district in the capital Michgan Lansing.

— Sarah Anthony (@SarahAnthony517) May 7, 2020


As of today, in Michigan 45 054 cases covid 4 and 250 deaths. A lot of work, and I work here for the people, not fearing the threats.


Three blacks with big rifles accompanied the member of the legislative Assembly of the state of Michigan in the Capitol building. It happened a week later after this building was infiltrated by armed white men.

Guard Anthony organized a one of its constituents, black firefighter Michael Lynn (Michael Lynn). Although the first reports of the incident mentioned about the three black men with big rifles who accompanied Anthony, actually there were six guards, including two women. Some were armed with guns, said living in Lansing Lynn. Five members of the escort was black, and one Hispanic. According to Lynn, he is very unhappy that his legislator being bullied on the job. He for the first time openly took up his rifle the AR-15 to accompany Anthony to work.

Lynn said that a black woman who is a political office, should not feel threatened because of “what’s in the yard are supporters of the white supremacist”. And he wants “is never repeated”.

“Now it is dangerous to be a black woman Democrat, working in the Capitol, said Lynn. Such atmosphere was created by the trump”.

According to Anthony, last week’s protest, which was attended by hundreds of people, caused her great concern that she “did not feel never in my entire life.”

“If I do not vote the way these people want, they will force us and shoot at us? she asked. – You feel like shaking the floor beneath their feet. You could hear them yelling and screaming”.

In spite of an armed escort, Anthony stated that it “is actively working to ban the open carrying” of firearms in the walls of the state legislature, as today it is possible to bring back freely.

According to Anthony, its purpose is not to encourage all of the new armed citizens to protect legislators, but to receive taxpayer money, law enforcement officers better ensure the safety of members of legislative bodies.

38-year-old Lynn fighting for the right to bear arms and has permission to carry a concealed gun in public places, called the actions of armed white protesters “ridiculous” and “barbaric”.

“They intended to undermine democracy, and they did it,” he said. According to Lynn, he was vexed, a witness to the protests last week and saw how black Americans share in online comments that they would never have allowed to carry guns in the Capitol and scream at the police.

They are right, Lynn said. The police response would have been different. And he wanted to “change the stereotype”. “We can’t put up with this stereotype which suggests that we should be afraid to exercise their rights under the second amendment, as do all the others,” he said.

Wednesday in the Capitol was a quiet work day, “state police behaved very kindly.” “No one forbade us to be there,” said Lynn.

In the Capitol of the state of Michigan has passed several major protests in which participants demanded from the Governor of the state Democrat Gretchen Whitmer (Gretchen Whitmer) to lift the ban on economic activities.

According to Anthony, the police in the Capitol is usually a good job for the protection of the legislators, but during the recent protests, she had the feeling that the police just left them in the lurch.

A spokeswoman for police in Michigan said that they are constantly “improving working practices and, if necessary, adjust the rules.”

4 may the state police organized a video conference with legislators and informed them about the applied tools and practices for security, including armed escorts. The police went on it when I found out that some members of the opposition “feared for his safety.” This was written police spokesman Shannon banner (Banner Shannon).

Anthony said that it was very important to get a personal offer from the voters about the protection. However, she said: “I hope the appearance of these photos do not give the impression that we need more weapons for self-defense.”

“I do not give to sleep at night fear due to the fact that we are becoming more polarized, more angry, said Anthony. My fear is very real, and I think that such an atmosphere more and more resembles a powder keg. I don’t want to hurt the citizens, whoever and whatever they were”.