Russia is fighting NATO in the Balkans

Because of the failed putsch of Montenegro closer to NATO membership. Last week this was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Russia took the news as a challenge to continue the struggle for the Balkans.

“We saw the news about the coup attempt in Montenegro last year and the arrest of Russian citizens. This fact is an argument in favor of the adoption of this country in NATO”, — said the head of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg at a press conference on Monday in Brussels. All the Russian media published the news with the comment of the press Secretary of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. It is not the first time called the accusations of Russian secret service involvement in the coup attempt in Montenegro “a pure lie”.

Saying about the car

Immediately after the speech of Jens Stoltenberg, “as if randomly” some Russian media accused the former President of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic that of the Builder of communism, he quickly “forge” in the Pro-Western policy, but in fact established a close contact with the Italian mafia. Thanks to her, he became rich on the trade in drugs and cigarettes. In General, according to Russian journalists, Montenegrins are very Pro-Russian, which, of course, not like Western politicians. This is confirmed by the Montenegrin proverb “With Russian us 200 million, and without the Russian — polvagona”.

This coastal state for several years is an object of interest of Russian entrepreneurs and politicians who launder there their illegal profits and investing in the purchase of hotels and restaurants. The rich Russian is seriously aggravated in Montenegro, the problems associated with corruption. In the last year, business interests have outgrown in the political.

The main Russian version of the statement by Jens Stoltenberg, was the following: NATO invented and staged a coup attempt to blame then it in Russia, thereby pushing the Montenegrins for the early submission to the Alliance.

Montenegro and Serbia are the countries which attracted the attention of Moscow. She hoped that in the future they will become the bases of Russia in Europe. However, you must first spark their internal chaos, to incite them other countries in the region and to influence public opinion so that people believed that the only Savior that is Russia. This is the rhetoric of the Pro-government Russian media today. The Balkans are one of the main topics. Russian analysts do not hide that the goal is not to allow Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro joined NATO and continued rapprochement with the West.

Thanks for a couple of million

Russia consistently emphasizes that helped the Serbs to eliminate unexploded NATO bombs that have remained since the war with Kosovo. In 2014, Russia assisted Serbia affected by floods and subsequent forest fires. In November of last year Moscow has passed the Belgrade six MiG-29. Also held several joint military exercises. But in 2014 so far, Russia has invested in the Serbian program for just $ 40 million. But it is much less than the investment of the EU in Serbia. His help billions of euros. But Russian propaganda could better emphasize his gifts. For example, the Agency Sputnik in Serbia is popular and frequently cited resource, especially when there are promises to help Serbia to get Kosovo back.