Putin is not the king

If someone still remembers the February revolution, just because of the fact that actually it was in March. They say, “in Russia and so in everything.” And the October revolution happened in November. As though it were not only the difference between the Julian calendar and the Gregorian (“our” Russia took later). That’s probably why little is said about that today — the 100-year anniversary of the fall of the Russian monarchy. The last Tsar, Mikhail, brother of Nicholas II renounced incomplete after 24 hours of the Board also denied, without naming a successor. And the deal was done.

But in reality it is not done so far. Those who are most afraid of Russia, call Putin a Tsar and a man who will restore the Empire. Yeah, to scare, and the idea of Empire close to Putin. But he did not close in 1917 and then a critical event.

In the beginning of 1917 ended the tsarist era — the era in which he advanced the idea of the Messianic role of Russia (which we have influenced politicians like Karel Krameria). At the end of 1917 Lenin won the Bolsheviks, under the cruel and the universalist slogan “Who does not work shall not eat” (it affected the whole world). But in practice none of this has affected Putin and his ideas about the direction of Russia.

If Putin was asked to name two of the weakest personality in the Russian history of the twentieth century, it is likely that he would have called the Tsar Nicholas the Second and last Communist leader Gorbachev. Nicholas — because he lost the First world war, with the result that Russia lost Poland, Finland, Baltic States and other territories. And Gorbachev, because he lost the cold war, with the result that Russia lost the entire Eastern bloc. It is this — and not some kind of Imperial sentiment — is a measure that recognizes Putin and a large part of Russian society. It is, judging by polls, tends to the era of Stalin and Brezhnev also.

Speaking of “Tsar Putin,” need to understand that the last Romanovs disgusting to him. But to celebrate the anniversary of the fall of the monarchy, which was followed by even more chaos, no one seriously to demand of him can not.