In the mirror room of lies: hurt the FBI’s investigation Trump?

The FBI is investigating in respect of the election team of trump, and we are talking about questionable contacts with Moscow. But can it really hurt Trump?

“Gas light” brought Ingrid Bergman her first Oscar. In the 1944 Thriller she plays a woman whose husband was the killer trying to drive her insane. His methods are lies, innuendo, misrepresentation — in the United States is still called “gaslighting” in the name of the movie (Gaslight).

Donald trump is the master of such manipulation. He’s lying to destroy all sense of truth. It is misleading to deny the ability to navigate. This is a classic manipulation of dictators who are forced to go in political madness, or, at least, should sow such chaos that the value had only the words of the manipulator.

Monday these tricks can be seen in Washington. Were revealed two truths. First, the FBI is conducting an investigation in respect of the election team trump because of possible agreements with Russia. Second, trump’s accusations that his predecessor, Barack Obama has listened to it, turned out to be fictitious.

Alternate reality in the spirit of trump

These truths presented two emissaries, whom the team trump praised as thought they were on his side. These are two of the FBI Director James Komi (James Comey) and the head of the NSA Mike Rogers (Mike Rogers). For five hours they under oath testified before the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives.

What came to light at the same time, directly and between the lines, at a different time would be a political sensation. We are talking about a difficult situation in connection with unclear contacts between the Russian oligarchs and the campaign team trump. And communications with Vladimir Putin.

But even before and during the meeting, trump began to impose an alternative reality. Russia is a “fake news,” wrote on Twitter the President of the United States. True gangsters — the perpetrators of the leaks, that is, those who revealed classified information. According to trump, the Komi Republic, the Committee reiterated that there was “no evidence” arrangements with Moscow, but it is not so. So he lives in reality trump. In one word, “gaslighting” as written in the script.

Shout hypocrisy

In the fall of the trolls trump ridiculed Democrat Hillary Clinton, saying that she cannot choose, because of the email she got in the spotlight of the FBI. “This in itself should disqualify her,” said the chief Republican Raines Priebus (Reince Priebus). Now, at the head of the administration of the tramp, he suddenly changed his opinion about such FBI investigation.

In addition, the press Secretary of the trump Sean Spicer (Sean Spicer) again became the mouthpiece of the hypocrisy of it. “There is no evidence of an agreement,” he said, although the Committee at the same time it became known is another. And suddenly, by Paul Manafort (Manafort Paul), one of the former aides of trump and head of his campaign, now that the FBI is leading the investigation against him, played a “very limited role” in the team’s trump.

Trump is shamelessly used lies, when he questioned Obama’s birth in the United States and the legality of his tenure as President. Or double lie that he won a landslide victory in November, despite millions in election fraud. Or the deception, when it was stated that his inauguration gathered the largest number of people.

The lie needs to gain a foothold

No matter how obvious the lie, does it trump or uses intentionally. The main thing that he repeats it until, while in the minds of his supporters don’t need to fixate beliefs. And supporters of the trump receive information only from the accounts of trump and Twitter with the conservative us channel Fox News. When the goal is achieved, he quickly abandons her.

At stake is not only the credibility of the Trump. At stake — above all, the credibility of the United States.

What if there is something really terrible, like assault? Then who can believe the Americans and the world? We have long lost in the mirror room of truth, half-truths and lies — over which also works on the other side with their own conspiracy theories.

What’s next? At the end of the movie wins a tortured heroine Ingrid Bergman which leaves the villain chained in the basement, and his mean the game is revealed. Ah, Hollywood!