Is it profitable to transfer gas cars this fall: the pros and cons

For most motorists the biggest shock of the end of the summer was, perhaps, a sharp jump in gas prices. So, if in the beginning of August, natural gas worth UAH 10-11/l by the end of the season it went up by 50% to 15-16 UAH/l. First it is felt by the drivers, whose “iron horses” is LPG, the latter drew the attention of those who are thinking about this setup. Proponents of the classical fuel alert: do not follow any of this price hike and gasoline? However, the difference in the cost of gas and gasoline are still being felt: A95 – 25 UAH/liter, and the gas – 15 UAH/l. in addition To the winter fuel consumption increases, so the gas installation for many Ukrainian drivers still relevant.

How it is beneficial and what is the consequence for the owner of HBO, helped us to understand the mechanic of the capital STO Michael Sobko and head STO the installation of a certified LPG Vyacheslav Bondarenko.

Benefits, or who needs it

To set the gas on car experts recommend that those for whom the car is a survivor. Taxi drivers, drivers, autocorriere long switched to gas. If you plan on any carrier – gas best. It is also reasonable to put LPG on car owners living outside the city or having plans of a country life, and the holders of the “gluttonous” engines: it will justify itself, even if not immediately.

Appropriate gas and for those who have family on two machines – for example, on cars with LPG you can go in Autotravel. But to refrain from LPG better for the owners of small cars (1.6 l), those who run less than 500 km per month (will be pay off for a long time), the owners of vehicles whose engines do not allow the gas (this will tell the expert), and those who have a guarantee: it automatically disappears.

Do not “play” with the gas and those who are planning to replace the machine: the sale of gas is not always an advantage.


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The question of the choice and rates

Having made the decision to install LPG, it is better to go to a certified station, which will supply the official equipment, guarantee 3 years or 100 thousand km and where in the future you will be able to pass IT. Now the most popular 4th generation HBO, which is mounted on a fuel-injected engine. 2nd and 3rd owners choose the gasoline engines, but with regard to the 5th and even the 6th generation, then in addition to substantial difference in price, significant differences yet, say our experts. This is due to the fact that these species are relatively new and therefore little tested.

Installation can be Polish, Baltic, Russian, Chinese, Italian. The latter is considered one of the best: the Italians have been working in this market and produce LPG to the European standard, in which every detail – from the nozzle to the adapter – Italian, one manufacturer. Polish or Baltic may be collected from parts of different manufacturers, and the Russian and Chinese leaves a lot of questions about the quality and Assembly.

However, for the money you pay: in Italian “gas” will have to pay from 14 to 17 thousand UAH, and Polish or Baltic analog will cost 9-11 thousand UAH. You can often hear the conventional wisdom that gas dries the engine and it is not necessary to install the expensive cars. This happens at high rpm – more than 4,000, which is set to dowrick gasoline. When active the engine heats up and the gasoline is oil that are not in the gas. Such a system does not exist on all installations, so it’s best to check with the manufacturer.

To better serve LPG in the same place and establish that not all mechanics can properly deal with this problem. This is especially important if the equipment is inexpensive, there is no automation, and calibration of the engine must be in motion.

Calculate the absolute pros and cons slippery

The main and most fat plus, which can negate all the disadvantages, savings. Because now gas costs 15 UAH/liter, the consumption 13 litres per 100 km cost of 1 km is 2 UAH. At similar mileage 1 km will result in a 3.25 UAH. And it is at present, have already raised prices.

Another plus, which is celebrated all gasometers, two independent fuel installation, which means double the power reserve. Ends gas, the car automatically switches to petrol: this is useful in long traffic jams and very moving. In addition, exhaust gases from cars on LPG is cleaner than petrol.

But the cons still more. Important – gas cylinder installed in place of a spare wheel, which in turn takes place in the trunk. Or the gas tank is placed directly in the trunk that still “eat” space. A notable disadvantage, and the cost of LPG, which requires a one-time investment, though, and bounces after a few months.

To these disadvantages is to add the extra SOMETHING, in addition to primary: depending on installation, it must take place every 10 or 15 thousand km average additional IT will cost 700-900 UAH. The lack of certified fuel quality and petrol stations, where you can control the amount of filled gas is another drawback. In addition, there is no way to check fuel quality: experts advise to refuel at one, checked the station.