To fix in 18 months what had been destroyed in 6 seconds

With regard to relations with Moscow, Turkey reigns good mood. As you know, President Vladimir Putin finally signed a decree on the abolition of economic sanctions.

However, the most “famous tomato ban” and the visa regime against Turkish citizens remain, but, if you remember where we came from, it becomes obvious that we cannot underestimate the achievements.

Let’s first refresh our memory…

Why were the sanctions?

24 Nov 2015 Turkey shot down a Russian military aircraft on the grounds that he “six seconds” was violated Turkish airspace. Four days later, i.e. on November 28, Putin, who is extremely sharply reacted, made the decision on introduction of economic sanctions in many areas, from tourism to fresh vegetables and fruits.

Because over the past 25 years the economies of the two countries intertwined with each other, the sanctions really hurt Russia, but mainly Turkey lost. Although this topic different figures, the overall conclusion, the destruction of the Russian plane has cost Turkey some $ 15 billion. Therefore, Ankara has made efforts towards “reconciliation” and indirectly trying to “soften” Putin.

Actually the “damage” is not restricted to the economy: for example, Turkey was effectively cut off from Syria.

In the end, 9 Aug 2016 President Recep Tayyip Erdogan went to St. Petersburg and shook hands with Putin.

In other words, before the “airplane crisis” was “officially” come to an end, it took nine months.

Officially, the point was raised, but for “actual reconciliation” – namely, the lifting of the bans, it would take nine months.

In fact, the result of efforts for 18 months, returning to the period before 24 November 2015 did not happen, because for some types of product bans remain, and in respect of Turkish nationals continues to operate a visa regime. Moreover, it is considered that the tenders that Turkish construction companies falling under the ban, during this time, are unable to in Russia, consists of at least three to four billion dollars.

The destruction of the Russian plane is much discussed. Then there were those who blamed the terrorist organization FETÖ of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen), but from the most authoritative individuals we have not heard any statements on this topic.

Turkey may have been right when he shot down a Russian plane, but in international relations just right to be enough. The steps you are doing, first of all, should not harm yourself, and from the outset it is necessary to anticipate this.

Would have been given orders to shoot 24, 2015 if in the morning of that day it was known that the destruction of the Russian plane will result in 18-month-old crisis and billions of dollars of damage?

Definitely not.

Before you wrestle with these “terrible” countries, like Russia, it is necessary to think ten times. This is one dimension of the issue.

On the other hand, between Turkey and Russia, and so has always existed historically distrust.

The creation of an atmosphere of confidence after the collapse of the Soviets lasted for almost 20 years. Mutual trust, secured a 20-year effort, was destroyed in six seconds.

To restore what has been destroyed in six seconds, took 18 months. Even now we cannot say that the two countries fully trust each other. In short, to just destroy, hard to create. Of course, let’s protect the rights of Turkey… But not causing harm to ourselves…