Chronic stress can be a cause of cancer: the psychological aspect of the development of cancer

To understand the origin of cancer on a person need to look not only as a biological object, it is necessary to connect the psychological aspect.

This was told by the doctor-psychotherapist, candidate of medical Sciences, psychooncology and a specialist in the field of psychosomatic medicine Vladislav Matrenitsky.

According to him, the main source of cancer is chronic stress.

“If a person is under constant stress it more subject to disease. Chronic stress destroys the person,” – said the expert.

In his book “Cancer of the mind. Psychosomatic mechanisms of cancer” Matrenitsky says that the mechanism of cancer need to be considered in the course of the disease, starting with the predisposition in the womb and childhood.

“The tumor is just the tip of the iceberg. It is based on the inability, the inability of man to cope with life’s problems, psychological trauma and intrapersonal conflicts resulting from unmet needs”, – said Vladislav.

All this leads to chronic stress, which suppresses the immune system and other systems that protect the person from cancer.

“The result is an existential crisis with the loss of the will to live, starting a program of self-destruction of the person”, – says the expert.

According to the therapist, if the time to pay attention to it – maybe even healing: “overcoming the crisis, achieving post-traumatic growth and spiritual awakening can revive the natural healing powers of the body and allow the patient to remission or complete healing.”

The cancer treatment should not be limited only to remove the tumor or impacts on her. The tumor is only a local symptom of a systemic imbalance of the body on the basis of oncogenic distress, said Matrenitsky.

The therapist also says that cancer is a psycho-socio-spiritual-somatic illness. Its causes — lack of human life of love, nevalennyi (often childhood) trauma and unmet, repressed needs. The most important of them to show their feelings, to be unique, to live as souls.

As an example: the first stress for the child, which is still in the womb, may serve as the idea women have about abortion. Or when the child is a child is active and playful, and the parents are all the time trying to stop and calm him, thereby suppressing the true wishes and feelings of the child. If a person lives in such conditions that create constant stress, cancer risk increases.

Dissatisfaction with life creates a deep intrapersonal conflicts, psycho-spiritual crisis, and unconscious desire for death. In the body this raises the chronic physiological stress.

“Environmental carcinogens only then can provoke a disease when chronic stress has reached the level of oncogenic distress. Destroyed the immune system and other systems of anti-cancer defense of the body,” explains the therapist.

In his book he also gave a road map of the development and course of cancer:

  • Predisposition – for example, trauma to the fetus in an unwanted pregnancy or the psychological trauma of the newborn due to complications in childbirth;
  • Provocation – for example, acute psychological trauma, which passed into the chronic or long nerazrushaushsii intrapersonal conflict;
  • Precancerous condition – for example, unconscious depression with traits of hopelessness, helplessness, and hopelessness;
  • Initialization – for example, loss of purpose in life, expressed a degree of helplessness and hopelessness or suicidality hidden;
  • Manifest the clinical picture – for example, the psychological trauma of the diagnosis (when the doctor without special training of the patient discloses to him a terrible diagnosis) or clinical depression;
  • The outcome and consequences of the disease – for example, post-traumatic stress disorder or psihopatizatsii.

At the same time the therapist is sure that we should not accept the illness as a life sentence.

“The way to health is through the resolution of the crisis, the cure of chronic psychological trauma, the satisfaction of underlying needs. Finding the meaning of existence and the mastery of depressed resources evokes tremendous healing reserves of the body and leads to sustained remission or even complete healing,” concluded Matrenitsky.

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