As in George Orwell’s novel

The decision of the institutions of the government of Germany and the Netherlands do not allow organized by the Ankara meetings (when scheduled in Turkey a referendum on expanding the powers of the President) angered Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He said that such a position “no different from the behavior of the Nazis.” The absurd nature of this statement requires special proof. However, partly as a time, Germany is one of the most tolerant countries in the world — has created a situation in which Erdogan can say and do almost what he wants, not thinking about the consequences. About the consequences we have to think Europe, which were dependent on the good will of Ankara to limit the flow of refugees.

It has become customary that are addressed to other absurd accusations often come from the clearly repressive regimes, and States that the famous French economist Nicolas Bevere calls “democrature”. In these States, maintained the facade of democracy, but all the institutions — Parliament, judicial institutions, the press — realize subordinate to one person the center of power. A full refund to any dictatorial model of the past is impossible, therefore symbolizing the separation of powers institutions of government continue to exist, but in fact they serve the interests of the eternal President and his closest people. Europe’s relations with “democrature” has always been complicated, and also quite hypocritical. Frame for which it is impossible to leave neither words nor deeds were never firmly defined, and to some extent even natural that they are broken.

Due to the lack of serious allegations of Nazism today scattered on a large scale, and now they got Germany done which on re-evaluation of its past may serve as an example for some to plunge into the nostalgia for the totalitarian past regimes. Meanwhile, the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu ordered to build in the suburbs “Park’s patriots” like a toy of the Reichstag for the military training of youth, and pretends that he does not understand why the Germans reacted to this idea without much enthusiasm. The same Minister last year expressed dissatisfaction with the British, who during the maneuver for “the designation of the enemy began to use made in Russia tanks and uniforms of the Russian Armed forces”. Shoigu added that the last time such a method for the exercises used by Nazi Germany during the Second world war. This is quite inaccurate, because there was not the Russian army (unless, of course, not counting the “Russian liberation army” Vlasov), and the worker-peasant Red army — until 1946, was officially called Armed forces of the USSR. And later, in the era of the cold war, the Western countries considered it as a major threat. Not be petty, stating: Shoigu do not like maneuvers, in which Russia is portrayed as a potential enemy that, in his opinion, should not be equated to the practice of the Nazis. But Russian defense Minister seems quite natural that Russia — at least since 2009 — on doctrines “the West” is conducting large-scale war games, in which simulated military operations against the Baltic States or nuclear attack on Warsaw.

Recently, the label “Nazi” or “fascist” is hinged not only on those to whom he might be more suited. The process that began with “rebirth of Nazism in the Baltic States”, unfolds horizontally. Coincidentally, three years ago on March 16, the day when, according to the Kremlin’s TV channels, in Riga “March of the SS”, in the Crimea under the barrel promarinovatsya there “little green men” were held “referendum” on the inclusion of the Peninsula into structure of Russia. The neo-Nazis of Europe this referendum is welcomed. The theses that were justified the annexation of Crimea, an extended consonant with the German national-socialists in Munich in 1938 and adopted by the leading democratic powers of Europe requirements of accession to Germany of the Sudeten region. After the conclusion of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, at the beginning of the Second world war, Moscow used the thesis of the liberation of the fraternal peoples to justify the invasion of the red army in Poland, its partition and appropriation of a great part of the territory that has emerged from the deal between Stalin and Hitler. At that time the word “Nazis” in Moscow was not a dirty word. Molotov, speaking at a meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, called on “to give new meaning to” terms such as “aggression” and “aggressor”. Namely: the aggressor is not the one who invades and annexes… Almost like in Orwell depicted the absurd society where the content of the concepts “war” and “peace” with a new content started.