Israel is afraid of Persia

The frequent visits of the Prime Minister of Israel to Moscow after the agreement “about coordination of actions in the Syrian sky” has long been no surprise. This is his fifth blitz-visit to the Kremlin, and that already noticed, the eve of Jewish holidays. The conversation was probably important for the Russian side, if in the busy schedule of the Kremlin meetings between the foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel and the Turkish leader Recep Erdogan was a place for the Israeli delegation.

The stated theme of the negotiations, of course, was Syria, but Israelis are increasingly concerned about the prospects of military presence on its Northern border by Iranian troops. Supposedly it will pay for Iran provided support to the Syrian government, on the side which for six years of fighting the Islamic Republic. According to intelligence sources in the Syrian part of the Golan heights Iran intends to create a military infrastructure, as well as to establish in the Mediterranean sea is a sea port which, according to Israeli politicians, can have serious consequences for the security not only of the Jewish state, but the entire middle East region.

In Jerusalem, fear such a turn of events. According to Netanyahu, Israel has no objections in relation to the peaceful settlement in Syria, but “we are strongly opposed to this agreement Iran and its surrogate Hizbollah stuck by our side”, he said before departure to Moscow. Is the Prime Minister of Israel wanted to convey to the Russian colleagues, and most importantly — to convince Putin to use Russia’s influence on the Iranians to settle the fragile status quo in the Israeli-Syrian border.

But as diplomatic to wedge into the conversation sore subject of “Iranian terrorist threat,” how to prove that from change of places composed the sum does not change? That is what the Israelis are deeply convinced that the replacement of Sunni terrorism in the middle East under the Shiite leadership of Iran to the world will not. The ability to speak, Netanyahu gave Putin himself congratulated Jews on the holiday of Purim. It is here that a resourceful Israeli leader recalled the biblical story of this holiday about how two and a half thousand years ago the Persians tried to destroy the Jewish people but they failed to implement. “Today, there are attempts on the part of the successor of Ancient Persia — Iran — to destroy the Jewish state,” Netanyahu said. What the Russian President responded, saying, events, in whose honor is celebrated on Purim, occurred in the fifth century BC, and we live in a different world now and talk about this…

However, this does not mean that the words of the Prime Minister of Israel was not heard. As noted by the international press, in particular the German magazine Der Spiegel, in the future the relations between Russia and Israel can become even smaller, because the American President Donald trump has made it clear that he was going on some time to leave the Middle East. This gap, according to many political analysts, will fill Russia, and Israel therefore particularly interested in good relations with Moscow.

As for Moscow, Putin, of course, can use contacts with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, but their interests in Syria, of course, paramount. We will remind, at present in the Syrian province of Latakia (where presumably going to strengthen the Iranian power) at the airport Hamim Russian air group is based, the agreement on its perpetual presence, was ratified in 2016. So last week it became known that this spring, in Russia launched an ambitious five-year project to expand and modernize the point of logistics (e & p) Russian Navy in Syria’s Tartus. At the same time, as highlighted in the press, to raise the status of the object to a full naval base until it goes, as the Russian side, it would be too expensive.

Interestingly, inserted Israelis historical parallel in Tehran perceived differently. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif accused the Prime Minister of Israel in the “falsification of the Torah,” bad type of the Lord Zionists teach — “we had three times saved the Jews”. And over the division of Syria into “zones of influence”, including Iran (as discussed at a recent meeting in Astana), the establishment of a military base in Syria’s Latakia, called “information hype”.

Who knows, believe it or not these words? More authentic is the statement by one of Iran’s leaders that underground factories for weapons production in the future will be built on the territory of neighboring Lebanon. According to reliable information, in one of the Iranian universities has created a special Department for the training of talented Lebanese “experts” to manufacture missiles and other weapons. To the question: for what purpose?— the official explained: “So they can make weapons at home, without fear that Israeli air strikes would destroy it before it gets to the destination to the Hizbollah”.

Yes, it’s hard to rewrite history. In this sense, Putin is right — the world we live in.