How to understand what your child needs to bring to the optometrist

The duties of each parent is responsible for monitoring the health status of the child. Learn what symptoms suggest that your baby have to go on reception to the ophthalmologist, writes

The child squints

If, in order to see the subtitles on the computer monitor or to see who is playing outside the window of a friend, your child squinting, most likely he had poor eyesight. To understand this situation will help the doctor. There are two main causes of such a symptom is eye irritation, which is very fast and does not require serious treatment and nearsightedness, in which the doctor will prescribed to wear glasses.

The squint became even more pronounced

Strabismus newborns is considered quite normal. But if this feature with age has become more visible, we advise not to delay the visit to the specialist. The doctor will advise the child to wear glasses, but after six months or a year will be able to determine further course of treatment.

The child is dominated by one eye

To check the health of the organs of vision, play with him in the game: ask it in turns to close your eyes, and you will show him different objects. Thus, it is possible to identify equally well with both eyes see the crumbs.

The kid tilts his head when he needs something to consider

Another alarming symptom that should alert parents. If to consider favorite character on the packaging of cereals, the child is strong tilts his head, most likely his decreased visual acuity. To delay going to the doctor should not because with time this condition will only grow worse.

Baby often rubs eyes

There are situations when a child cannot tell what he cares about. So moms and dads can only observe its behavior and health. Of visual impairments can learn and if the kid is too frequently rubs his eyes. This habit may indicate several possible issues: sharp pains, irritation in eyes or excessive stress. In any case we suggest you make an appointment with an ophthalmologist.