Cheap melons in Ukraine can quickly end

In early August, when it is the peak season of sales of watermelons, the price could fall to 1.5 UAH/kg, Now these gourds farmers of Kherson region from the fields to sell for 2.5-3 UAH/kg, and the price continues to decrease with the maturation of new shipments.

According to “info-SHUVAR”, the current selling prices are almost 1.5 times lower than at the end of last week. In General, wholesale prices for melons this year, about a third lower than in the past.

However, expert fruit and vegetable market of Eastern Europe Tatiana Getman does not exclude that the current watermelon season will end earlier than usual, and in the second half of August, the price of melons will go up.

Late varieties of watermelons, the farmers planted less, and therefore their prices are higher than last year. Then, according to the project “APK-inform: vegetables and fruits”, during the peak season, wholesale prices dropped to 1.5 – 2 UAH/kg, and in the capital watermelons were sold at 2 – 3 UAH/kg.

However, to speak about the shift of the season of watermelons is not necessary. According to experts, farmers, every year, analyze the prices and the overall situation, but because next year you can once again plant more late varieties, hoping that they will be able to earn extra money.

On the one hand, the basic salary accounted for early watermelons, but the demand for them is less, as consumers fear that the early berries are Packed with nitrates. “Sell early melons is always difficult: Ukrainians consider them to be harmful to health because of the abundance of “chemistry”. But most often it is not, because large manufacturers value their reputation,” he assured Getman.

In addition, in the Kiev retail for a kilo of watermelons asking for 10 – 15 UAH, which is 60 – 90 UAH for a small watermelon (watermelons usually weigh 6 – 15 kg). So buyers are waiting until the melons cheaper.

The season of melons in Ukraine has already begun. But they are more expensive than watermelons. Now, a kilo of melons on the market in the southern regions is proposed for 25 UAH, and in the wholesale market “Unexpected” (Kherson region) — 12 – 13 UAH/kg.

Further price reductions are expected not only ordinary consumers but also exporters.

According to “info-SHUVAR”, the first batch of Ukrainian watermelon exports this year went to Moldova. The rest of the week should go off supplies to Poland and the Baltic States are the main consumers of our melons in the EU, representing two-thirds of last year’s export of watermelons (more than 21 thousand tons).

According to Getman, the EU market will now start to supply the goods also Hungary, Romania and around them only the best relation quality-price. “Our production is seriously hampered by the presence of the border, where the goods can stand a few days, while competitors from Eastern Europe, such problems have not. And in Europe, the stability of supply is valued more than price. Almost all brokers work with European retailers, and there delivery is painted literally on hours,” said Getman.