Eurovision-2017: social networks appreciated the failure of O. Torvald and the victory of Portugal

Yesterday, may 13, in Kiev ended with the 62nd the Eurovision song contest, which for the Ukrainian rock band O. Torvald was a failure, but the 27-year-old Portuguese Salvador Gathered gathered all the honors, winning.

The hosts of the competition, rockers O. Torvald had been too hospitably, conceding in the finals of almost all the visitors the lead, being 24 mi among 26 participants.

However, it is worth noting that despite the unsatisfactory performance of Ukrainian musicians in the social network there were a lot of those who are pleased with their performance.

But the Portuguese capitalized on their chances, confident ahead of all his counterparts with the song Amar pelos dois, pocahantis except with the Bulgarian Christian Kostovam, which has lagged behind Collected a little more than 100 points.

O. Torvald has performed well, until recently, supported me, loved the song and the room it is a pity that we did not win, but well done guys

— Lisa Krivokon (@2001kes2001) may 14, 2017

The Greenjolly was a 19-mi!! The Greenjolly)) I Hope after today about O. Torvald never hear. A complete failure.

Fluffy dill (@UaArtem) may 13, 2017

Congratulations to the group Torvald with the third place.The end. #Eurovision #Евробачення2017 #OTorvald #Portugal #евровидение2017 #cheers

— Alice (@alisa2744) may 13, 2017

Thought now tickets for O. Torvald more expensive, but apparently not #Eurovision

caramel (@MilkyyyWaaay) may 13, 2017

Eurovision 2018 will be in Portugal. You have already realized that the main issue will be how to buy tickets to the event,not how to obtain a visa?(C)

— Crimean Bandera (@CrimeaUA1) may 13, 2017

Portugal! With the victory! Great song and talented person! #Eurovision

lemon sherbet (@isomesleep) may 13, 2017

Portuguese tradition

— Ukraine (@tribunaua) may 14, 2017


50 shades of emotions of the Portuguese.

— Shiroiyukinohoshi (@Shiyunoshi) may 13, 2017

Has not managed and without scandals. During the performance of the Ukrainian singer Jamala on the scene ran “fan” with the Australian flag and live bared buttocks. He was quickly overpowered and removed from the scene security.