The case Yanukovych: Russia is a great game

The Russian foreign Ministry finally confirmed that Viktor Yanukovych appealed to Russia with a request to introduce troops to Ukraine. But did it in a rather veiled form. If earlier we were talking about the letter, now began to talk about the statement. It would seem that the two are not distinguished. But it has to distinguish. The letter can be regarded as a legal instrument, a formal act where there is a signature and seal of the President of Ukraine. And the statement is quite another matter. It is not a legal document, but simply the position of the President.

If Russia acknowledged that he turned to her with a kind of legal document, respectively, it would mean the confirmation of the Ukrainian accusations against Yanukovych concerning treason. Because of this, they chose this way — to expose and not to complicate the work of lawyers of the former President in the trial, which has already turned into a national “soap Opera.” Information-psychological war continues.

From the Russian point of view, that he addressed, not treated equally, because Russia says that this right is not used. Although in 2014 this was partly substantiated by the introduction of additional Russian troops in the Crimea. For Russia, any form of treatment could become the basis. So what does it matter first of all concerns the fate of Yanukovych, than anyone else. This is done to use the former President in the information strategy. And besides, to have any prospect of returning to Ukraine. It is difficult to say in what capacity he can return. Or as was said in the so-called plan of Manafort that as head of LDNR, or in any other. Now this is a game and it is difficult to say what is the role of Viktor Yanukovych.

Although we cannot exclude that we are dealing with a change in Russian legal information strategy in respect of Ukraine, in which the emphasis is on different elements and the “right to invade” from “legitimate” is no longer necessary.

Ruslan Bortnik, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management.