Thinking of the poor man: for installations in the brain, we are doomed to live from hand to mouth

Contrary to popular belief, not wealth destroys a person, and the wrong attitude. Poverty does not make one automatically good and honest, as well as wealth – poor. However, there is such a thing as “thinking poor.” This is a set of attitudes that hinder, not only to correct or improve their financial situation, but also to live, writes

  • Blame all around

The loser rarely looks for causes of problems in itself. He is inclined to blame the government, living conditions, their parents and friends, but not themselves. But true wisdom is to see the log in your own eye, to correct their own mistakes and draw the correct conclusions.

  • Procrastination

If you will postpone for tomorrow what you can do today, never do anything. Fatigue, laziness, circumstances prevent all people, but someone can handle them, and someone doesn’t want to do.

  • No risk

Stability sometimes like a swamp. It would seem that people might have something to do, to change, and banal fear of new and unknown kills at the root of even the most promising ideas.

  • Knowledge for thanks

Many good teachers, coaches and masters do not fundamentally reduce the price of their services. The truth is that people are not inclined to appreciate what you got just. People with poor thinking will never listen to the training for which they signed, did not bother to flick through a brochure or a book, getting free. The price is the price of your motivation.

  • Unwillingness to pay for the labor

Many successful people consciously buying only licensed versions of programs, movies, books and music CDs. Not because they have a lot of money, but because they realize that work must be paid. Of course, in life there are difficult times when you have to make ends meet, and someone to help really helps. But to live at the expense of others – parasitic principle of existence.

  • Self-pity

Anyway, this habit of self-pity makes you blame others: “I’m good, just awkward. Others have everything: an apartment, car, looks, happiness, and that I cheated”. Then “on the scene” out of envy, jealousy, even anger.

  • The habit of whining

Too many people thinking the poor man will never enjoy life. They are constantly crying and whining about how difficult it is to exist. They never have enough money. The affluence can be quite normal.

  • Dependence on other people’s opinions

They are worried that someone will say not, as we would like, and struggling to “keep the bar” in the eyes of strangers. But constantly comparing yourself to more affluent and successful.

  • Reckless spending

Rich people are able to save and realize that the savings begin with small things. There are families in which people normally live on a modest budget and even help others. And there are those who have money just slipping through the fingers. Poverty – the inability to limit yourself to separate the necessary spending from the inessential.

  • All at once

A classic example: a poor man picks the jackpot, becoming an overnight millionaire and after some time loses everything. Because he likes the idea of immediate profit, easy money. People with the mindset of a rich person can work for the future, to go to the target in small steps.

  • To do what you don’t like

Life is too short to waste it on unwanted, unloved and not bringing joy classes. But in order to change something in it, sometimes need courage. Successful is one who will find in itself the courage and dare to be happy.

  • Burn time

You can “kill” their free time, and it is possible – to live, work, learn and grow. I think the choice is obvious, but people thinking the poor man will sit in social networks or watching TV. So it is much easier.

  • Someone else’s life

Error of the poor – the tendency to project the lives of others on his own. They used to watch other people’s stories and I’m afraid to start small, preferring to live in a sweet captivity of illusions.


  • The UN estimates the number of poor people in the world

If you notice one of the habits for yourself, try to get rid of them. Existence will become more meaningful and you will learn to see not obstacles, but opportunities.