Budget trump totally unrealistic

Embezzlement of government is not a myth. Look at the matches in the recently announced Federal spending plan, President trump and the latest budget proposed by President Barack Obama. Obama, like trump, have reduced several fine, but the optional programs such as the State program on rendering assistance to foreign nationals who committed a crime in the Ministry of justice, water treatment and water purification in agriculture and providing loans to utilities, as well as targeted grants for the Agency for the protection of the environment.

If the two least ideologically similar President in history could come to an agreement in the matter of these programs, then they probably should be reduced. At least in order to make it clear that spending is not an automatic system, and that the Federal government really cares about even minor details of the huge budget that in 2016 amounted to 3.9 trillion dollars. This attention to taxpayers ‘ money may also have a positive impact on recruiting and morale.

However, the myth lies in the fact that the waste are the main cause of excessive Federal debt and deficits. The above-mentioned three programs together cost less than $ 1 billion. However, trump has repeatedly supported this myth by promising to deal with the deficit by “control”. Irresponsible he also promised to tackle financial future, increase defense spending, dramatically cut taxes and protect social security and medical care. Indeed, the Federal budget deficit in 2016 could be eliminated, reducing the $ 600 billion in discretionary spending not related to defense — but it would mean the closure of national parks, closure of Federal courts and unemployment for the coast guard.

The plan, released Thursday at the White house had nothing to do with taxes and social programs; he was focused solely on the discretionary budget for 2018 (1.1 trillion dollorov), for civil and military purposes. This emphasis only underscores how unwise to continue to ignore the preservation of income and mandatory expenditure programs, given the need to increase the first and reduce the latter. Redirect to defense 54 billion in non-defense discretionary spending as planned trump, will require large reductions in vital areas. The state Department will lose almost 29% of its budget, the Agency for environmental protection — 31%, the national institutes of health will lose about 20%.

As quickly pointed out by members of both parties on Capitol hill, in fact, the budget is Congress, so the statement trump is related mainly to what concerns the policy priorities of the Executive. In this sense, his plan significantly, and not surprisingly, unrealistic, and in terms of the provisions of the United States in the world, short-sighted. “America first” — the title of the document, which calls to spend $ 2.6 billion on security of the border between the U.S. and Mexico, including the wall trump. Some of this money would have had to take out programs that are designed to help people abroad.

After the noise dies down about a wrong, unsuitable and, in fact, demagogic proposals of trump, Congress will have to design a real fiscal policy.