The Guardian (UK): in his speech at mount Rushmore, trump said that the United States have been besieged by the “ultraleft fascism”

The President of the United States is fueling tension in the country, criticizing the “leftist revolution” and announcing plans to build a national memorial with statues of the “American heroes”.

Standing at the foot of mount Rushmore on the eve of independence Day, Donald trump staged a demonstrative praise that his critics call the policy a white identity, and warned that today, the history of the United States is besieged by “ultraleft fascism.”

The US President spoke out in defense of the symbolic value of the statues and monuments in front of a lot of people gathered at the event, which was steeped in political incorrectness, designed to further inflame existing divisions and result in the fury of liberal critics of trump. Only a few of those who came to the event were wearing masks, on stage and on the podium there were practically no people with dark skin.

“Our nation has witnessed a relentless campaign to erase our history and insult our heroes, the destruction of our values and brainwashing our children, — said trump. — Angry crowds trying to tear down the statues of our founders, to desecrate our most sacred memorials and provoke a wave of violent crime in our cities.”

As a response to the actions of his opponents trump suddenly announced a decree on the establishment of the “National garden of American heroes” — a huge Park under the open sky with statues of “the greatest Americans who ever lived”. There is no doubt that in the process of selecting those whose statues will appear in this “garden”, there will be lots of disputes and disagreements.

Mount Rushmore in South Dakota is known for its granite rock carved faces of four American presidents — George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Washington and Jefferson were slave owners, and their legacies are increasingly subjected to doubt since, as the murder of African American George Floyd of Minneapolis police officers on may 25 provoked a huge wave of protests of the movement Black Lives Matter (“black Life is important”) and turned into a destruction of dozens of sites across the country.

The President does not demonstrate that he shared the public mood, and instead react to what is happening in the spirit of “law and order”. He promised to severely punish all those who disfigures the statue, said that he would not rename military bases named after Confederate war generals, as well as retweeted (although later removed) a video in which a man shouts “White power!”

On Friday, July 3, trump became the first President after George Bush Sr. in 1991 who came to the celebration of independence Day at the foot of mount Rushmore. He welcomed all the participants, while his wife Melania listened to the national anthem with his hand on heart. On giant screens were displayed, the national flag of the United States, and in the sky aircraft aviation group “Blue Angels” showed aerobatics.

“This monument will never be defiled, — said trump, after which tribunes loud cheers. — These heroes will never be disgraced. Their legacy will never be destroyed, and their achievements will not be forgotten. Mount Rushmore will stand forever as a perpetual tribute to our forefathers and our freedom.”

In his speech, which in no way contributed to the reconciliation, he continued to strongly condemn “the destruction of culture, the dismissal of people from work, shame dissenters, and the requirement of complete submission, addressed to those, who have a different point of view. This is the definition of totalitarianism, which is completely alien to our culture and our values. He has absolutely no place in the United States of America.”

“This attack on our freedom, our majestic freedom must be stopped, and it would be stopped very quickly.”

Trump grimly continued: “In our schools, in our editions of the news, even in our corporate Lounges have new ultralevel fascism, which requires absolute devotion. If you don’t speak his language, does not comply with its rituals, repeat his mantra and keep not his commandments, then you will censor me, banish, put in the black list, to prosecute and punish”.

Addressing a predominantly white crowd, he said, “it’s not going to happen.”

Trump continued: “make No mistake, these leftist cultural revolution designed to overthrow the American revolution.”

When the President said that he launched the Federal service of enforcement to protect monuments and arrested all the offenders, the people in the stands stood up and started to applaud. Trump declared: “They want to silence us, but we’re quiet!” And in response, the bleachers began chanting: “USA! USA!”

Alluding to athletes and other famous people who fall on one knee in protest against racial injustice, trump said, “We are high, we are proud of, and we kneel before Almighty God.”

Then trump announced that he has signed the decree about creation of National garden American heroes (National Garden of American Heroes) where there will be statues of famous Americans such as Frederick Douglass (Frederick Douglass), Amelia Earhart (Amelia Earhart), Benjamin Franklin, Billy Graham (Billy Graham), Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther king, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Jackie Robinson (Jackie Robinson), Antonin Scalia (Antonin Scalia), Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harriet Tubman (Harriet Tubman), Booker Washington (Booker T Washington), George Washington, and Orville and Wilbur Wright.

After the speech, trump together with Melania watched the fireworks show over mount Rushmore, which was accompanied by Patriotic music and a reading of excerpts from historical documents, it was the first such performance since 2009 (since they were not carried out because of the protests of environmentalists and the fear of fires). The authorities of South Dakota announced that the national Park black hills since the “gain strength” and that the technology of fireworks has stepped forward.

However, the threat of possible damage was another example of how the President’s advisors who planned this maneuver to inflame critics of trump in the media and the US Congress has managed again to choose the provocative time and place for the implementation of this maneuver.

The protesters blocked the road leading to the monument. The state government tried to push demonstrators, mostly native Americans, who protested against the fact that the lands of the black hills were forcibly taken away from the Lakota nation, and against the fact that trump has decided to celebrate independence Day on their sacred land. Police arrested about 15 protesters who refused to leave this place.

At some point, the national Committee of the Democratic party, tweeted that trump was disrespectful to native Americans and that his trip to South Dakota was “the glorification of the domination of the white race”. They later deleted the tweet.

In Oklahoma and Arizona in June, trump and this time gathered a lot of people in one place, despite the recommendations of experts in the field of public health are encouraged to avoid large gatherings of people, as fixed daily by the more than 50 thousand new cases of infection. Over the past month, the number of cases covid-19 in the County of Pennington, where is mount Rushmore has grown more than twice.

On Friday, the media reported that Kimberly Gilfoyle (Kimberly Guilfoyle), a friend of the eldest son of the President of trump was confirmed coronavirus infection. She came to South Dakota, but the event was not present.