Why decrease the limits of human tolerance?

According to social scientist from Nehavend [in the West of Iran, approx. transl.], one of the reasons for the increasing number of disputes and conflicts in the family and society is “the reduction of limits of tolerance of the people.” In other words, people, when faced with small or bigger problems or difficulties social plan, sometimes demonstrate a rapid and very strong reaction. In conversation with the correspondent of news Agency ISNA, referred to the expert Mehrdad Hooshmand (Mehrdad Houshmand) noted the following: “One of the problems and difficulties which we increasingly see in society and which we should accept as inevitable or indisputable thing is the lowering of the threshold of human tolerance towards obstacles and difficulties in family or public life.”

As stated by the specialist, the origin and cause of most disagreements and conflicts, social pathologies, or even murders, are often associated with the same lower limits of tolerance or the tolerance of people towards each other. People have become very sharp and to react violently to the slightest criticism or even just some verbal objections.

This phenomenon may stem from the fact that in society a growing number of economic, social, cultural or even political problems. “We have in our Muslim religion, says Hooshmand, — there are many stories and parables, where there are indications of the need for tolerance, restraint, self-control, to refrain from manifestations and outbursts of anger and rage. Pay attention to these commandments, to behave in accordance with them, try to implement them — this can be very effective to help us become more accepting and tolerant, to teach us to overcome differences on both personal and even societal levels.

As a sample and example, you can specify one of these traditions: Imam Muhammad the Bakir [peace be upon him—, the traditional doxology against religious authorities in Islam — approx. transl.], once said that the perfection of man lies in three things — diligence in the study of the Sciences and the knowledge of faith, moderation and modesty in life, and tolerance for all events sometimes unexpected and unpleasant. And Imam Ali (peace be upon him) also preached tolerance, meekness of temper, restraint and self-control — the moral virtues of the prophets. Avoid anger and rage, is the beginning of madness and harbinger of regret and repentance, he also preached”.