The Alliance has now extended to the Arabian Peninsula

The people involved geography in school, are now surprised to discover that the Alliance was on the Arabian Peninsula.

NATO — the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, as it is called fully — included the countries of the Persian Gulf in a zone of its interests. Or as he said a former enemy of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg (Jens Stoltenberg): “NATO now has a new home in the Gulf region”.

Stoltenberg called milestones of progress:

· A milestone in friendly relations between NATO and Kuwait;

· Milestone flourishing partnership between NATO and the entire Gulf region.

At the meeting in Kuwait was attended by the representatives of Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, but Stoltenberg stressed that the new NATO building covers the entire Persian Gulf region, i.e. including also Saudi Arabia. Which is currently waging war of genocide in the neighboring country of Yemen. Stoltenberg made, in particular, the emphasis on the “fight against terrorism”, and then it got to the point, as the Gulf countries was among the main sponsors of terrorists in Libya and Syria. Later, especially Qatar and Saudi Arabia set the tone in support of the jihadists.

It is known that jihadists in Libya receive weapons and money from Qatar. These groups were already known to the CIA as the main source of recruitment of jihadists in Afghanistan. Jihadists acted as the infantry of NATO during the war with Libya and helped make the war especially terrible. After the fall of Gaddafi jihadis in Libya provided weapons to their supporters in Mali. Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) has admitted that the group who carried out a terrorist attack on a gas field in In Amenas (Algeria — approx. TRANS.), got the weapons from Libya. In the summer of 2012 the French newspaper Le Canard Enchainé claimed that Qatar provided weapons and money to jihadists in Northern Mali. This information was also then published in Jeune Afrique.

There is no doubt that Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the other oil dictatorships to supply the jihadists with weapons to destroy Syria. New York Times even writes that bόmost of the weapons from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, aiming to Syria is to arm the jihadists.

Qatar, of course, no private military units to send them there. He doesn’t even have aircraft to escort transport of weapons, so in Libya, this work was performed in the USA, accompanying made in France aircraft Qatar Mirage, sent to jihadists in Benghazi.

The Danish Ambassador in United Arab Emirates Merete Yul (Merete Juhl) said that NATO is considering Emirates as a reliable partner in the middle East. “It’s really strong, interested and respected partner,” said Ambassador Yuli, which expects that NATO will have this country “logistical support” and training.

But she couldn’t beat Jens Stoltenberg, who concluded his speech with the following Eulogy:

“Today I can proudly say that NATO has a new home in the Gulf region. And we opened a new Chapter in our ever-increasing partnership”.

Only one remark: since Stoltenberg found a new home in the region of the Persian Gulf, so maybe he’ll stop there?