Sources Orient.Net reported details on a new Russian military base in Hama

According to Orient.Net received from sources inside the Syrian regime, West of Hama, the construction of a new Russian military base, which began after the recent agreement signed in Astana.

500 square kilometers

According to the source, on the basis of the new Russia is planning to deploy armed forces, the purpose of which will be to protect and control the border that separates the neighborhood of Hama, controlled by regime forces from the liberated territories of Idlib and its suburbs.

At the disposal of Russia has a land area of 500 square kilometers on which to build a new base. It is located between the regime controlled areas to the West and North-West of Hama, and liberated areas in the countryside South of Idlib. The headquarters will include about 250 people, most of them loyal to the regime of the city Masyaf, while others control the railway station in the city of Hama. The leadership of this staff will be carried out by the military on the basis of “Hamim”, located in the province of Latakia on the coast of Syria.


New intrigues


Abu Abdullah, one of the commanders of rebel groups, reported Orient.Net that they expect the Northern suburbs of Hama will become the third area (after the Eastern ghouta and the Northern part of HOMS), on the territory of which will be deployed by the Russian power of observation. About it allows us to say that since the end of may this year, the Syrian regime is urgently working on building a new headquarters West of Hama. During construction, this being a complex engineering operation with the use of modern technology in Iran.

The Syrian commander has expressed concern in connection with the construction of the headquarters in the conditions when the Assad regime violated the agreement and carries out attacks on the civilian population and the liberated areas in Idlib, as is now happening in the North of HOMS in al-Houla and other areas, not to mention the strategic position of the headquarters, which is located near the southern neighborhoods of Idlib, with access to many villages and towns. The opinion of the local population varies. There are those who support the construction of the headquarters provided that the Syrian regime will be less likely to bombard the territory and cease hostilities, while others are opposed, fearing that the regime thus weaving new intrigues, for many years doing so in the implementation of international agreements.

Russian and Iranian headquarters in Hama

During the meeting, civic activist, living West of Hama, Hasan al-Amiri said that the protection of the headquarters is carried out by the Iranian forces, who are based at the present time the building of the research center. It is the second largest headquarters of the Iranian revolutionary guard in Syria. It is located near the city of Masyaf in the Western outskirts of Hama, controlled by the regime, and is the center that gives the forces of the regime military instructions in respect of operations against the rebels.

In addition, according to al-Amiri, a large part of the research center, which houses the headquarters of the Iranian forces, is under the earth a fully fortified with concrete. The thickness of the concrete cover of the building is 70 inches, while the thickness of the walls between the rooms in a building is 50 centimeters, and they are also made of iron and reinforced concrete, which protects the building from attacks suffered by other buildings in Hama.

Iranian headquarters in the vicinity of Hama

The civil activist said that the Iranian soldiers were released from Syrian positions all employees working in the building of the research center. The wages they are given in Masyaf, located West of Hama, so they have no need to work in the building and even to approach him.

This building is a major centre, where deployed heavy tanks and artillery by which we are shelling villages and neighboring towns to the South of Hama. Strategic position close to the liberated villages and towns give the Iranian military the opportunity to bombard the civilian population.

In addition, there are hundreds of Syrian soldiers and officers who are engaged in the training of volunteers wishing to join the militia forces of the regime. Training occurs under the supervision of Iranian officers of high rank level. In addition, volunteers from these groups are rewarded, much larger in comparison with members of the national defense forces and people’s committees — up to $ 200 and more, while militias in the national committees receive no more than $ 50.

The building of the research center is not only headquarters of the Iranian armed forces in Hama. The largest of these is the “47 Brigada”, located in the southern outskirts of Hama. In addition, the Iranian and Shiite points scattered along the line from Hama to the engineering battalion in the area of the city, “Rastan” in okrestnostyah to the North from HOMS. 87 brigade, located Mar Chuchura near Hama also consists of a large number of Iranian soldiers. The same applies to the military airfield in Hama. However, the most important of these is the staff at the research centre which monitors all other points.