TOP 5 tips on car repairs

1. Extreme charging

As a pre-charger for the battery you can use an ordinary welding machine DC. Check the voltage, polarity, and connect the machine to the battery.

2. Oil leak

Spray the powder to the skin in the area suspected. Run the engine for a few minutes and any fresh oil will immediately soak into the white powder, leaving a noticeable stain.

3. Stuck wheel

Try to remove the wheel, but it does not want to part with the hub? Screw the bolts back in but do not tighten, then return the vehicle to the ground. Touch and at low speed and hit the brakes, shaking steering wheel at the same time. Don’t forget to remove the hub from corrosion to prevent the recurrence of such problems.

4. “Hard to reach” fill oil

To fill the gear box or the gear oil, fill a pastry bag used to decorate cakes. Now you can pour the oil in the plug hole from almost any angle.

5. Search suction

The air suction causes a floating idle? Use spray carb cleaner to find it. Spray the cleaner around the intake manifold and as soon as you get to the location of the leak, the rpm will immediately increase.