Europe does not realize the danger of information warfare

Members of the European Union, including the Czech Republic, are too cautious and don’t realize how much of a threat to their continued existence represents an information war waged by Russia. But they should talk openly about Russian aggression and to allocate more funds for counter-propaganda. In an interview with INFO.CZ it was declared a Czech member of the European Parliament of the party TOP 09 and former journalist jaromír štětina. He also commented on the events in Ukraine, the role of Russia and the United States, and also stated the need to ban in the Czech Republic Communist party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM), which, according to him, is an accomplice of Moscow and is spreading its lies and propaganda.

INFO.CZ: you Recently said in the European Parliament that the EU should publicly condemn the expansive policy of Russia. Do you think that today the EU is not doing enough?

Jaromír štětina: as for Russia, the EU is losing the information war on several points. Russia allocates huge amounts of money to Finance the hybrid warfare it is waging against the European Union. I mean the different resources, for example, Russia Today, Sputnik and so on. The EU is absolutely not protected. I have several times publicly criticized Federica Mogherini (high representative of the European Union for foreign Affairs and security policy — ed. ed.), which EU member States have entrusted to assemble a team capable of competing with the Kremlin lies. But Mogherini has created a group in which only about 15 people. How such a tiny structure can compete with the millions of dollars Moscow pours in the information war? Mogherini, unfortunately, does not realize that in this war only one definite goal is to destroy the EU. But we can not allow this to happen.

— Do you think that the European Union as a whole underestimates the danger of which you speak?

— I think that many in the EU, including Mrs. Mogherini, do not realize that the situation is very serious. In the European Parliament there are two distinct groups of deputies. On one side, the deputies of the traditional countries-EU members, on the other, the deputies of those States that once belonged to the Soviet bloc, including us. In these States a completely different historical experience, different from French, Italian, German or Spanish.

Western countries simply don’t understand the important things, like the fact that you need to call a spade a spade and speak out on Imperial Russian policy and aggression. Such caution is inherent in both the European Parliament and the European Commission, and it can be dangerous, because Russia is one of the biggest risks to the security of the European Union, including, of course, for the Czech Republic.

— What do you think about this caution of the old EU members?

For caution, there is always a business, whether it is Russia, Azerbaijan or other rich countries. Unfortunately, a number of EU countries, including the Czech Republic, rejected the protection of human rights as old junk. And business today is placed above human rights. It is a pity that this is true for Russia. And it was the great Russian humanist and human rights activist Sergei Kovalev would cost to award the Nobel prize for his famous dictum that the violation of human rights cannot be an internal affair of any state. Now, this principle simply does not exist.

— Should the countries that were once part of the Eastern bloc, to give Western Europe greater pressure to fight Russian propaganda?

— The problem of the Czech Republic — the Communists, who do not hide their desire to create a new Communist international. Nobody understands how dangerous it is. Party KSČM is a clear Pro-Kremlin fifth column, and when you consider that the main requirement of the Communists in foreign policy is the output of the Czech Republic to NATO, we are of course dealing with collaborators of the Kremlin.

— So what more effective means can the EU deal with the Russian hybrid war and propaganda?

— Only infusion of money in counter-propaganda. Last week I met with the chief of radio station “Radio Free Europe” by Thomas Kent. He told me that the scheduled broadcasting for satellite countries of Russia, that is, its former colonies, where the so-called Russian-speaking population. Are the Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus and the South Caucasus. I applaud this project for a hat, because that’s the way America instead of Europe to do what needs doing is the EU. In history, perhaps this has happened because Europe after the war were weak and destroyed. But now she must take matters into their own hands.

— How do you assess the current Russian policy towards Ukraine? Does so Vladimir Putin the new US administration, checking how far can it go?

— What is happening now in Ukraine, would happen even if the new President of the United States was elected not trump. Today in the media there is interesting news that the Russian presidential election, scheduled for 2018, will be held on the anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea. That’s the deal! If you want to be again elected President, you have something to give to the people, and he will reward you with votes. After making this decision, Putin has made it clear that the election can be defeated by stealing some territory. For this the tramp did not need him.

In addition, Putin has already crossed the famous Rubicon and went from autocrat to the dictator. Dictators always fear for their lives. The same fears Putin. He’s obviously already started to think about the fact that as soon cease to be President — a maximum of six months after the completion of his term — will appear before the court, international or Russian. That is why it is primarily concerned with its own salvation.

— How far can Putin?

— The people loved him, he is constantly compelled to promise that he will not allow someone to hurt Russia. Thus, Putin focuses on the Russian inferiority complex. What else can be proud of ordinary Russians, if not the size of their country? If someone infringes on it, he will begin to resist. Moreover, Putin is fueling this complex: now he says that the Russian government not only did not decrease, but will be more than today. Here we must look for the roots of the attack on the Ukraine. Putin’s personal role, which is, understandably, under a lot of pressure even more militant people in his surroundings than himself, is of great importance.

— What do these people want?

From ancient times Russian marshals wanted to conquer the Northern coast of the Black sea. This is a strategic issue. If we do not help Ukraine, Russia could claim the territory up to the river Dniester.

— What should the European Union do?

— I wonder — and, by the way, I’ve asked that Mrs. Mogherini — is there any contingency plan under the Minsk agreements. I was told that no. The Minsk agreement is a good that can be used as an argument to extend the sanctions against Russia, but they don’t work. The Ukraine back fighting, and the people there die again. We are going to wait “Minsk-8”?

Destabilization of Ukraine is extremely dangerous, even for us. If the conflict escalates or there is some humanitarian catastrophe, refugees can become millions of people. In Ukraine — more than a million so-called internally displaced persons, i.e. refugees, who wander around the country and not go abroad. Where do you think they will go? I’m afraid in this case will be felt on our recent policy (in the reception of migrants from southern European countries — approx. ed.). And then we have to ask for help, and the Germans only shrug.

It is a pity that Europe does not notice the anti-Communist subtext of the entire Ukrainian struggle. Ukrainians remember the Holodomor, Stalin’s camps and Brezhnev mad Board. They do not want to become part of Eurasian Union, which Putin invites them. But, unfortunately, our Communists understand this and are afraid. Therefore, they have become accomplices to Moscow and repeat her lies.

— What should be the “plan B”, which you mentioned?

— I have a plan, but nobody listens to me. Ukraine needs weapons and other military equipment that it could protect the border with Russia and thus end the war as his victory. If this does not happen, we will have another frozen conflict in Donbas, as in Nagorno-Karabakh, where a war smoldering for 25 years.

— How the situation may affect the new American President Donald trump?

My mother is Czech American, who taught me respect for American democracy and freedom. And I believe in American democracy and that it will keep trump. This confirms the developments after the submission of the first draft “anti-immigrant” of the decree.

— So you are not afraid of trump announced plans for the policy concerning Russia? The new President stated several times that you will be doing business with Moscow is not like the previous administration of President Barack Obama.

— Today I talked with colleagues from the Christian democratic party that we should give Trump a hundred days to self-defense. While this wasn’t up. He should get rid of the rhetoric that brought him victory. And this, I think the Republicans will help him and not allow him to chop more firewood. But, of course, I don’t like is what makes the trump, as his arrogant rhetoric. Even the greatest American presidents was to a certain extent modest.

— You have recently returned from Nagorno-Karabakh, where, together with other deputies, was an observer at the elections. For this reason Azerbaijan have announced the international wanted list. Aren’t you afraid that you will come to the people from Interpol?

I’ve contacted Interpol and want to know, he will arrest me or not. I’m waiting for an answer, but I believe that the conclusion does not threaten me. Interpol does not review cases with political overtones. My trip was a definite political gesture. However, I still need to exercise caution, because I can give the countries cooperating with Azerbaijan, including Belarus. List of countries where I’m not allowed to go, the already — quite large, and it bothers me.

Prime Minister Sobotka said recently that the party ČSSD is ready to after the election to consider the options of cooperation with the Communists. ČSSD is not the only one. Earlier on the same said party ANO, but now her attitude to Communists is rather negative. What will be the role of the party KSČM in the elections?

— I think that the Communists together with someone else will join the government. If ČSSD, everything will largely depend on their sense of self-preservation. If it is social Democrats will change and they will join the government together with the Communists, ČSSD will have to consider that it will absorb, as has happened in the past.

— What is the position in this regard should take right-wing parties headed by TOP 09, which was chosen in the European Parliament?

In this case, we have to be at least a strong opposition in Parliament. Despite the fact that I am not a member of TOP 09, I would argue that the only party that States that no cooperation will not, is kegg TOP 09. Moreover, it is the only party which stands for Pro-European stance. In the struggle between East and West, which is now under way, you need to see someone about it spoke clearly.

— You have to ban in the Czech Republic the Communist party. But many say that this will not solve the problem, because the Communists did not disappear, and will be able to create a new party. How do you respond to these arguments?

— Once, shortly before his death I asked Vaclav Havel, why at one time he did this as President. He said that he hoped for the collapse of their party, Noe this has not happened. Havel recognized his mistake, but did not do it publicly. Policy — case characters, and put the Communists outlawed — the best gesture to say: what they did to us, was wrong. Until we do this, we have to live under the threat that one day they will lead us out of NATO. Again now is a good time to raise the issue of the banning of the Communists.

— You say that we should dissociate themselves from the Communist party KSČM. But is it in the political arena there is no other threat actors, for example, xenophobic and nationalist parties?

— Of course, the Communists are not the only power. Time their monopoly was held. Sure, there are other dangerous entities that much more dangerous than the Communists. Moreover, they unite and, for example, act unanimously in the European Parliament. Of course, it may happen that these are prone to fascism party will win — or will they claw each other.