The new year’s test: pick a tree and find out the secret of his character

Before the New year left just a couple of days, and most are already in the apartments of green beauty. Someone expressed a preference for fluffy pine, some fragrant tree, and someone even built a “tree” of available tools: books, tubes or glass beads. Every this choice is not only dictated by life’s circumstances (for example, secure the tree from felt parents very young, but active children), but also, and primarily, the features of our character, temperament, and worldview. Our resident expert, psychologist Olga Perekupil, decoded to “Today” what’s behind Christmas tree preferences.


1. It is unlikely that you very much love New year and the noisy company. You rather like this series of holiday weekends when no fuss you can enjoy doing nothing. When celebrating, you happily stroll through the quiet snow-covered streets, watching the snowflakes fall. Or, making a Cup of cocoa, sit on the window sill and will gladly read the next book.

2. You are, however, very cheerful! Happy to visit and even more happy to have a party at home — something even the neighbors will come and start with you to have fun. You are the soul of any company and a welcome guest at any party. You know a lot of toasts, contests and jokes, you will not get bored. And when nobody’s watching, love to snuggle by the fireplace with a glass of wine and watch the fire.

3. You elegance. In your manner, speech, behavior has charm, which is very mesmerizing and attractive. And if you were born a couple of centuries ago in England, would feel there is excellent. As for New years to meet him you’d prefer a restaurant in a small company, in evening dress, the clink of glasses with “Dom Perignon”.

4. You love coziness and support. In your home often have guests, there is always a lingering pleasant aroma of tea and cookies. You have Golden hands, and the feeling that you are one of the most simple, readily available materials can do wonders. And in your head is always lurking a lot of ideas for all occasions.

5. Nature is the source of your energy and effort. Only surrounded by nature you really relax and body and soul. It can be like Hiking in the mountains and fishing on the lake, but must be privacy and seclusion, and the best sounds in the world is the singing of birds and the murmur of the brook. And the New year you would have gladly met in the woods next to a loved one.

6. You still truly believe in Christmas miracles. And not only believe, but also often organize a story for their loved ones. You could make a gift or arrange a pleasant surprise. You just a hopeless romantic, and your soul is always living a little, playful and vulnerable child, who forgives everything, and knows that magic exists.