A new enemy

Communist China turned into a country of capitalist authoritarianism. Countries such as Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela are in a coma and can not serve as an example to follow as it was in the Soviet Union. Communism has now turned into a sewage pit, and his followers and supporters were on the margins of political life.

Many had hoped that the disappearance of communism will strengthen liberal democracy and spread it around the world. But it wasn’t to change communism was populism.

We are not talking about ideology. It is rather like a virus. Populism is more toxic than communism, and it attacks both developed and developing countries, taking in each case a different guise. In developing countries, populism is manifested in leftist ideology in the developed countries has a pronounced right shade. Even countries such as the UK, France, Holland and the United States do not have the antidote from the disease. Populism emerges in the form of Breccia, presidency trump the possible coming to power of the Dutch right-liberal people’s party for freedom and democracy, and in France the leader of the political party “national front” marine Le Pen.

What is populism?

First of all, it is reckless and demagogic policies of individual politicians who are willing for the sake of ephemeral future to sacrifice the whole nation. This is manifested in such populist appeals, such as nationalization of enterprises to freeze prices on basic foodstuffs, to increase wages. All this was brought to life by the former President of Peru Alan Garcia, which led to the surge of its popularity, and then to hyperinflation, collapse of the economy and impoverishment of the population (for the sake of truth it should be noted that during the second term of his rule he learned this lessons).

The main link of populism is nationalism. Trump in the election campaign promised the voters to return America to its former greatness, and not let China, Europe and other countries to use US as a source of enrichment. America’s interests above all else.

I was in London when the question of a British exit from the European Union, and with surprise listened to the chauvinist and xenophobic speech by Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) and Party leader, United Kingdom independence (UKIP), Nigel Farage (Nigel Farage). They promised that after leaving the EU, Britain will regain its sovereignty and freedom, and also get rid of the bureaucrats in Brussels.

An integral part of nationalism is racism, which is manifested primarily in the fact that is constantly looking for a “scapegoat” on the side and it blames all the troubles, setbacks and failures. The objects of attack by the Western populists were the immigrants and Muslim refugees. For example, the US President Donald trump, believes that the responsibility for the spread of violence, robbery and drug trafficking in the United States is on the Mexicans. From the point of view of the leaders of Dutch right-liberal people’s party for freedom and democracy and the leader of the political party “national front” marine Le Pen, the cause of all ills are Africans and Arabs.

The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban (Viktor Orbán) and the Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydlo (Beata Szydlo) accused migrants in that they deprive locals, abusing the social insurance and degrade public education.

In Latin America — Rafael Correa in Ecuador, Comandante Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua and Evo Morales in Bolivia — boasting that they are anti-imperialists and build socialism. In reality they are the embodiment of populism. All three leaders actively practice the Communist principles of mass nationalization, collectivism and static economy. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro this kind of action has brought the country to economic collapse. Correa, Ortega, Morales, Putin’s use of mercantilism (that is capitalism corrupt cronies) to establish a mafia-like alliances with the oligarchs, who in exchange for privileges and government contracts pay appropriate Commission.

All of them, including ultra-conservative trump, I believe that the main enemy of progress — free press, and are trying to establish control over the media, to subdue them.

In this field especially distinguished President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, who took the most undemocratic in the history of Latin America the law on control over the media.

Trump this fails because freedom of the press is deeply ingrained in the minds of Americans and causes a negative reaction from the public.

However, we cannot exclude that in the future, Trump will be able to some extent to limit the freedom of expression, as was done in Nicaragua and Bolivia.

Populism has a very ancient tradition, but never before it did not reach such a scale as now. It is very difficult to deal with, as it is based on the instincts of the human being. It — distrust, fear and division of people along racial, linguistic and religious lines. Populism preaches xenophobia, pseudo-patriotism and ignorance.

This is especially evident now in the United States. Never before has the United States been so clearly divided into two opposing political camps. On the one hand, enlightened, educated America, on the other hand, primitive, provincial part of it, frightened by the influx of migrants and striving to resist globalization.

Frantic populism trump showed, it is possible to stop time, to go back to the supposedly happy and predictable world, without the risk for whites and Christians, who were in the U.S. fifty years sixty ago. The awakening from this illusion will be difficult, and unfortunately not only for US but for the rest of the world.

Is it possible to fight populism?

Of course, Yes.

A good example we show the Brazilians rallied in the fight against corruption. Thousands of Americans took to the streets to Express their disagreement with the policy of trump. Ecuadorians defeated the plans of Correa to defeat the representative of the ruling “Alianza país” Lenin Moreno (Lenin Moreno) in the first round of the presidential election. In the second round of the representative of the opposition movement “KREO-SCRIP” Guillermo Lasso (Guillermo Lasso) have a real chance to win the election.

Bolivians voted in a referendum against the possibility to give Evo Morales a fourth time to run in the presidential elections of the country.

The Venezuelans, despite severe repression, deployed narco-populist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro continue to fight for freedom.

However, to conclusively defeat the populism, as happened with communism, is possible only in case if the citizens finally realize that irresponsible populist policy leads to a deterioration of their economic and social status.