People’s daily (China): why did the United States everywhere demonstrate their strength

In connection with the spread of the coronavirus in the USA, the us military attach particular importance to the prevention and control of epidemics. It is noteworthy that while the country continues to show strength in many regions that not only enhances the feeling of anxiety in the ranks of the U.S. military, but also has a negative impact on regional security.

Multilateral muscle-flexing

On may 9 the President of the United States Donald trump assembled the commanders of the armed forces of the country at the White house to declare that “the recovery of the US army” the government has spent $ 1.5 trillion. To show that the epidemic does not weaken its military power, in recent years the us army is beginning to Flex its muscles in the various regions.

On the one hand, the U.S. Navy demonstrated the fighting capacity of the carriers. May 10, the Navy said that at the present time in swimming are more than half of the American aircraft carriers. The chief of naval operations, U.S. Navy Michael Gilday (Gilday Michael) wrote in social networks that perform tasks in the sea came the aircraft carrier “Truman”, “Eisenhower”, “Reagan”, “Nimitz”, “Lincoln” and “Ford,” he also noted that “the U.S. Navy is a force that cannot be neglected.”

The American media in one voice say that despite all the setbacks, the epidemic has not weakened the combat readiness of the naval forces of the United States. According to recent reports, out of 299 warships, performing tasks at sea, the third was not identified cases of infection.

On the other hand, the US air force are satisfied with the “elephant walk” (Elephant walk). As reported, on may 5 at a military base joint base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska, the U.S. air force conducted the “elephant walk”, and then in the Pacific the site held joint exercises. In them took part in the 3rd wing of the U.S. air force, 176 th wing of the air National guard, and basic combat aircraft 477-th aviation squadron, including F-22 fighter jets, transport aircraft C-17, planes of distant radar detection E-3 and helicopters HH-60G.

The commander of the 3rd wing of the air force Robert Davis (Robert Davis) said: “the exercises have proved the ability of the U.S. air force to respond quickly in a global scale.” The commander of the 176 th wing of the air National guard Anthony Staton (Anthony Statton) said: “This is done in order to demonstrate competitors and enemies that we will maintain combat readiness in any conditions and under any circumstances. 176 th wing of the air National guard can perform its tasks by 100%, even during an outbreak of coronavirus”.

Increased attention to preparation for war

Recently, the Minister of defense mark Esper stated that the defense Department will need to understand how to provide training and preparation for war in the next year or until vaccine against the coronavirus. For this purpose the armed forces of the United States in recent years paid special attention to strengthening cooperation with allies and continued training in preparation for war.

As reported, “air force times” (Air Force Times), the US air force has sent three types of strategic bombers on missions to Europe. 7 may two of the bomber b-2 Whiteman air base in Missouri, two b-52 from Minot air base in North Dakota and two b-52 from Barksdale air base in Louisiana flew into the area administered by staff of the U.S. armed forces in Europe, to conduct joint exercises with the RAF. Thereby they wanted to show the world that Strategic command of US forces capable of supporting the combat readiness of groups of strategic bombers at the global level.

May 11 bomber b-1B from the 28th wing bombers took off from air force base Ellsworth in South Dakota in a long-haul flight to Europe. This wing performs twice a week. 5 may 28th wing sent two bombers b-1B in the airspace over the Baltic sea to conduct training together with Polish F-16 and MiG-29 and the main combat aircraft of the Danish air force.

Not long ago, the fifth fleet of the U.S. Navy together with the Royal Navy of great Britain held in the Persian Gulf drills on combat operations with the use of surface forces. During the maneuvers were involved in the British and American torpedo ships and Maritime helicopters. May 11, 12th combat aviation brigade Land wax USA practiced helicopter air strike on a training base in Grafenwoehr Germany. The exercise mainly involved helicopters CH-47.

As reported by CNN, may 1 in Pacific command and the US Air force said that a group of four bombers In-1 arrived at the air base Andersen on the island of GUAM. They are able to carry more weapons than any other U.S. air force aircraft. As it became known, the detachment was sent for exercises in the Asia-Pacific region, and with the aim of “strategic deterrence”.

Air force officer USA Frank Wilton said that the new b-1 can be shipped more weapons than b-52, they even can carry anti-ship ballistic missile long range. Former employee of the joint information center Pacific command Shuster noted that because of the unpredictability of these events in preparation for military action of the enemy will be difficult to take retaliatory measures.

It is with great concern

Active deployment and training in preparation for war carried out mainly to the outside world ceased to worry about the negative impact of the epidemic situation on the combat capability of the armed forces of the United States, and ceased to criticize them for their inability to cope with the spread of the virus. Looking to the future, I want to say that the widespread demonstration of force has a negative impact on the armed forces of the United States and regional security.

Prevention and control of epidemic was threatened. 12 may the US Department of defense published a report which said that among soldiers on active duty, civilian personnel and their family members recorded 8046 infections covid-19. Of these, 5036 people are in active service or are civilian personnel. Tests for covid-19 taken from family members of the chief of naval operations, U.S. Navy Michael Gildea was positive, so from may 10, it is on isolation.

It is reported that of the six aircraft carriers out to sea to perform their tasks, with the “Nimitz” and “Reagan” received reports about the contamination of the crew of a coronavirus. Out of fear of infecting the aircraft carrier “Truman” comes to port for rest and recruitment. While the spread of the virus is still not under control, frequent demonstration of strength and training for war seriously threaten prevention and control of the epidemic.

The situation in the region will become even more shaky. In frequent cases demonstrate the strength of American forces in Europe have responded to Russia. American and Russian military and intelligence planes have repeatedly met in the airspace over the Baltic sea, thereby negatively affecting security in the region.

According to the newspaper “Japan times” (The Japan Times), the US plans to equip Marines stationed in the Asia-Pacific region, with cruise missiles “Tomahawk” not to give a potential enemy, “has the advantage of cruise and land-based missiles and ballistic missiles.” Such measures will inevitably cause resentment in all countries that are somehow related, and shake the situation in the region.