The military situation in Syria is changing

The events in Syria not in vain liken the game to chess…

Especially players coming from abroad to get benefits from time to time make unexpected moves and try to steer the game in the desired direction.

In recent days, such a maneuver has occurred at the front Manuja.

Turkey launched “operation Shield of the Euphrates” in August last year, has officially taken its place among the players. As a result of successful operations conducted in conjunction with the Free Syrian army (FSA), Turkey captured an important field, including al-Bab, thus providing a strategic advantage.

Ankara openly declared that her next goal — Manbij (and in the longer term — raqqa). The purpose of this strategy was to cleanse the region of ISIL (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), and most importantly — do not let the Party “Democratic Union” (PYD) / people’s protection Units (YPG) to dominate here and create a “Kurdish corridor”. Later these lands were to pass under the control of the “moderate opposition”. In addition, had to be created “safe zone” where he could return refugees who fled their homes because of the war…

Russian course

In the period when efforts have been made towards the realization of this objective and leading connection of the SSA took the first steps on the way to Monbijou, the picture suddenly changed under the influence of the course taken by Russia. The YPG forces in Manbij left their positions. Meanwhile, formations of the army, under the Assad regime, entered Manbij and took the city under their control. And the United States, which has deployed its forces around Manuja, gave tacit approval to this Russian move. Therefore, in Manuge “de facto” to a totally new situation…

At this stage, the wins and losses of players we can summarize as follows.

Most importantly, what did the Turkey — PYD is a departure from Manuja. It happened. But the goal was the dominance here of the SSA (and the Turkish armed forces). This did not happen, and the city came under the control of the Assad regime, opposed by Ankara.

Russia in this chaotic environment could influence the YPG, to provide important benefits to the Assad regime, which it supports, as well as to block the path of the PAS under the control of Turkey.

The US was unable to get rid of the passivity that has gripped them for the last time, and chose to support the initiative of Russia. Thus Washington has avoided a quarrel with Ankara on the issue of the presence of YPG in Manuge…

Not all

With regard to the SAA and YPG, they were the loser from these events. YPG will not be able to enter Manuja. But PAS will not be able to realize its goal to save these territories from the regime…

In fact, the greatest benefit from this course. and, of course, Putin!

Meanwhile we should not forget about Iran, which is on the same flank.

But this is not the end. The game in Syria “chess Board” continues and the players are preparing for new moves.