What to do if your partner snores

People joke: “the One who snores, falls asleep first.” But for those whose partner snores really, this joke is not funny, because the snoring is at hand do not give sleep and sleep. What if your significant other snores? We have gathered for you some practical advice, writes medic.ua.

Flip it to the side

The man lying on his side, snoring less. At the same time, going to sleep, lie down under the wall, and your partner on the edge. A man in a dream subconsciously knows he can fall, so will not spin. He again turned over on his back, put it next to the partner pillow. Perhaps it all night you from snoring will not save, but will give time for you to sleep.

Wear ear plugs

If these are little devices used to cause you bewilderment, then now is the time to use them, because they help save yourself from a lot of unusual sounds during sleep. Choosing ear plugs make sure that the connecting thread between them is very strong and well fixed, so you can without difficulty remove them from the ears in the morning.

Put on your headphones and turn up the music

Replace the unpleasant sound of snoring to the soothing sounds of music. Put on your headphones and turn on classical music or other relaxing. Just do not choose headphones”drops” – they adversely affect hearing acuity. It is best to choose a large over-ear headphones – they’re not blocking the ear canal, thus localize the sound, do not miss the sounds from outside.

Take a sedative

A violent reaction to snoring could get worse and even razrushennyi condition, such as in the aftermath of stress. Therefore, to reduce the susceptibility will help sedatives or tea. For example, perfectly soothing mint tea with Melissa. If such drinks are not to your liking, take medications based on plant extracts – peony, Valerian, Heather and other “relaxing herbs”. If these medications do not help, take a sleeping pill. But his appointment should see a doctor, because these drugs have many side effects and contraindications, as well as limited duration of treatment.

Take your partner to the doctor

All of the above tips – situational and will help you sleep. But the snoring of your loved one can be a symptom of diseases such as diseases of the cardiovascular system. So talk with your loved one and convince him to undergo a full medical examination. Perhaps, after eliminating the root causes will take place, and the snoring, and you no longer have to suffer at night from insomnia.

Refused – go to a psychologist

If you tried to persuade your partner to go to the doctor, but he strongly refuses, it is a problem. It is necessary to go to couples counseling. First, with the help of a specialist you can convince your partner that his snoring affects not just him, but you. Second, the specialist will likely be able to convince your beloved to go on reception to the doctor. Be prepared for the period of the consultation, you will have to sleep in separate rooms – this will give you the opportunity to fully relax and become more calm and balanced.