British readers about the coronavirus in Russia: another lying country like China

Permanent press-Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov has been in hospital with coronavirus. He was last seen with the President of Russia on 30 April. The number of cases exceeds 10 thousand the tenth day in a row, and the scale of the infection Russia came in second place in the world, stresses the newspaper “daily mail”, questioning the reliability of Russian statistics due to the relatively low number of deaths. Many readers are happy to support a doubt of the newspaper and added their own insights. Others, however, expressed their own opinions and observations made in the editorial office.

Reader comments:


This is not a race, enough to make the epidemic a competition!


Another lying country like China.


I’d like to know real Chinese statistics.


Terrible place Russia and China. Sorry people. Vile and cruel leaders!


I hope he spent a lot of time with Putin.


It’s amazing how all the commies are so few deaths? Should I choose the Corbin? I would also edit the statistics.


Russia’s 150 million people, and 100 deaths a day — a record? Who ever writes these articles?

Tim Terrance

Those who stayed until Vladimir Putin riding a horse bare-chested, should be immediately examined.


But the numbers are still Soviet.


But Russia was behaving so cautiously and even before all closed the border with China. It is a pity that the Chinese negligence failed them.


I hope Vladdy also sakarlal. And go kiss a trump.

Marge Simpson

Oh, you — Russian also inherited. Yes, and yet the West does not trust you, in your country there is no freedom, and all of you, consider prisoners. Get used to it!


Even in one of the country bred a grudge against China.


In Russia in General there is a nursing home, as we do? Or they these deaths do not think, and just sweep under the rug?


In Russia, apparently, more active testing than we do.

Richard Mille

Alas, I news from Russia do not believe. The impression is that the most common cause of death they fall out of the window when you criticize the shortage of masks.

The Mock Turtle

The Russian always had difficulties with the score. Look at their choices.


Have you ever been to Russia? I was. So, there is a huge bundle. The rich boast of their luxury. And the poor languish in abject poverty, and even in the capitals of most lives in a gray apartment buildings that resemble prisons. No wonder the numbers are so high. I wish them all the best.


The difference is that in Russia in the total number of cases included all identified symptomatic and asymptomatic. 50% of cases a mild infection with no symptoms. So it all fits.


And China-between the oddly enough all right. They like immunity or maybe even the secret the vaccine, which they hide from the world. Curious how all of their main opponents out of order, and they themselves are good. If you find that they have all the same vaccine, then cook a tin foil hat!


Maybe the thing is, living in Russia 146 million, and in the UK only 66?


Isn’t Boris said to compare the number of deaths in different countries is unreliable?


I live in Moscow and are not so much the virus as the high prices of gloves and masks (in the subway, they sold 20 times more expensive than a couple of months ago), and besides, now they are mandatory! If I had supported the President and the government, it is now doubted.


Cute Russian and especially my dear friend from Kazan, hold on!