Like spending time on the Internet with the use of: TOP 5 educational YouTube channels

Adults and children spend more and more time online, devoting it not only working, but all my free time.

But it is not always the time goes to good use. In particular, this applies to various social networks, which absorb all the attention.

Enough to learn to control yourself and choose the online resources not only for entertainment but also for educational purposes.

The website “Segodnaya” gathered TOP 5 useful YouTube channels that are boring to tell about interesting events in life.

By the way, not all resources from the collection have Russian subtitles, but it can also be a great practice for your English.


The portal is very pleasant to those who loves math and all that goes with it. Blogger Brady Haran explains how to learn to use numbers in everyday life: for example, how to validate the election results or how to calculate the number PI with pie.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Lovers of fashion, beautiful dresses, design and everything connected with it, be sure to visit the YouTube channel of the famous Museum.

Not a single outfits. On the channel you will find many different information about new exhibitions and join the beautiful, seeing the objects of decorative art with a rich history, listen to lectures and interviews with art historians, artists, and more.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Blogger Kristen Conger said was very interesting from the social sphere, but makes it interesting and not bland. On her channel you can see a little Pro-feminist videos, themes which deal with topical problems of modern society: role of women in the workforce, abortion, heels and clothes.

Mental Floss

Briefly about everything. Way to describe this YouTube channel. In addition, a video blog can be called a kind of online encyclopedia.

Here you will find the answer to the question of why people close their eyes when sneezing or does the baldness by wearing hats.


The space theme is always relevant. Her fans a video on the study of space objects will have exactly the taste.

Meanwhile, 28-year-old Ukrainian made a sensational discovery that could save humanity from cancer.