Missing cat reunited with owner after nine years

A resident of the Swedish city of skellefteå found his beloved cat, who was lost in 2008.

A cat named Ernst was the favourite pet of a teenage boy named Jack Northeim exactly to the day did not return home from a walk nine years ago.

The guy decided that the cat was killed in the accident, according to SVT.

Over the years Jack has grown and moved to Norway, where he got a girlfriend and a child. Last year he went back to skellefteå, and a week ago he got a call from the local shelter for Pets and asked if he wanted to take his cat.

Stunned, Jack learned that the shelter had hit a homeless cat with a chip that was the information about his old master. As it turned out, all this time, Ernst lived with an elderly couple in a village near skellefteå, and when his owners died he was transferred to an animal rescue.

Jack at first did not believe what had happened. However, on arrival to the shelter, he was convinced that he really is his long-lost pet.