People’s deputies appealed to the RRT about the fraud NKREKU and “Centrenergo”

MPs asked to investigate the charges of causing losses to the state-owned enterprises due to the scheme “trade air”

A group of deputies appealed to the State Bureau of investigation (GBR) with the request to initiate an investigation against officials of the national Commission and “Centrenergo” upon application of the state companies “Energoatom” and the “Guaranteed buyer” losses due to schemes “trade in air”.

This was announced by the people’s Deputy Mikhail Volynets, by posting in Facebook a copy of the appropriate treatment.

“NKREKU is related to a “trade air”. The consequence of such deals were failures in the work of Ukrainian thermal power plants and the accumulation of coal stockpiles. In combination with the import of resources from Russia, it caused a major crisis in the modern coal industry,” wrote Wolyniec.

He stressed that the preliminary conclusions of the working group on creation of Temporary Commission of inquiry of BP also confirmed by the Antimonopoly Committee, which on July 29, accused the national Commission of inactivity and creation of market rules that permit such manipulations.

“The failure by the President and members of the national Commission of their duties has led to significant financial losses of the state companies “Energoatom” and the “Guaranteed buyer”, – is spoken in the address of deputies.