The European Union: the next political stage of neo-colonialism

Attempts by the “civilized world” to get Russian energy reserves with the help of two world wars has twice failed. Greed and disunity in the division of the Russian bear brought the first case to official liquidation of the system of the ruling degenerates from the ranks of the European nobility, and in the second case, a puppet named Hitler quickly got out of control and nearly destroyed themselves puppeteers.


Capital is people


These puppeteers have been and remain “civilized” racists only “God-chosen” people — the people financial. But this new people was formed by mixing the “elite” founders “civilization” — the Germans and the Romans.


Plunder the world via the financial system on frankogermanskih manner is hampered and even threatened, because most of the world already “caught” specially designed dummy called exchanges, financial “derivatives” and currency manipulation and asked to trade in the form in which this method advantageous exchange was originally invented. Something in exchange for something. Something we have enough, we change on what we lack.


Slavs — slaves


Like, of course, hurt. After all, Russian is enough. And they are Slavs. The Slavs who “civilized” in English are called Slaves. But every “civilized” person knows that slaves is “slaves”. Another language of the “civilized” world has a special name for the Czechs. In French we call Bohémiens. Of course, coincidentally also called Gypsies. Racist disregard for anything Slavic permeates through the whole of European and Western history.


I can’t manage these Czechs, Slovaks, poles, Croats, Serbs and Slovenes to be “civilised”. And what about the Russians? The sad poise. Even a successful import of Lenin and Stalin did not help. In the end, bloody dictators do, rather, turned into Slavs, and noble ideas of the West and export “civilization,” the Russian finally several times had to pull European chestnuts out of the fire, where the “civilizing” them lightly abandoned. Even soaked with alcohol Yeltsin was reached to voluntarily transfer the Russian regions under the control of “civilization”, and admitted the arrival of Putin and the beginning of reforms in the only remaining truly independent Slavic state.


In the cold war against the Soviets


And suddenly, after 25 years of purposeful disintegration of Eastern Europe, the West angrily realizes that afflicted the Russian managed to get rid of inefficient patterns of redistribution that the entire Soviet system of management they moved to Brussels and leave Europe to the mercy of the German councils. In the end, it does make sense. The Germans fostered Lenin and Hitler, so let them sort it. Psychotic angel or the Secretary-General without education Schulz certainly can handle it.


And although “europerformance” together with the top Eastern European collaborators with the American guns behind barks and provokes the borders with Russia, now they will not be able to catch a modern armed and determined power Napping — neither in technological, nor in political terms.


Colonization war, winning Islam


In fact, the West, blinded by the prospect of Russian commodity Eldorado, missed the fact that the Asian and African monolith centuries ravaged and looted of the countries have already started to take revenge on all “civilize” the stolen and the flag of Islam is not going to leave them nothing but the lives of most beautiful women.


The Brussels councils, torn from within by the Islamic conquerors, continue the export of “values” to the East, while from the South under the banner of the Crescent already come millions of destroyers of the European peoples, following the orders of the Islamic elite. Very soon the colonialists who already basically colonized all that they managed to loot before will once again ask Russia for help to this time to rake up the fire by her hands.


We have to answer ourselves


Despite the national Russian generosity, we hope that now the West will enjoy their “exclusivity” alone. Despite how hard our local collaborators of all political stripes sell themselves, and despite the subordination of our own “activists” German leadership, let’s hope we’re in time, including due to elections, will avoid the shameful looting of their own country and history. While there is still something to fight for. Never before in the history of our people, we are not behaving as the robbers or invaders.