Our beauty, or as trump opened a window of opportunities for Ukraine

Russia in the last few days after a US air strike on an air base in Syria in response to himataki does not get tired to “fight” at the level of rhetoric. One day relations between the two countries migrated from allegedly potentially warming to the cold and even aggravated. What Vladimir Putin really should not count on Donald trump also became clear after the statements States the intention to enter against Russia additional sanctions. Whether Ukraine will be able to take advantage of the difficulties of the Russian Federation, “Apostrophe” says the coordinator of group “Information resistance” Dmitry Tymchuk.

Initially, it was obvious what the main charm of the new President of the United States: trump is not predictable. Trump was not a professional politician and have never been integrated in the system of government in the United States. Moscow in this plan ran ahead of the engine and using some of his comments, his slogans, began to interpret his rhetoric in his favor. First, because trump is, roughly speaking, looking at the political picture, including on the international relations of the United States, from the point of view of the average American. The wall with Mexico, the transfer of production to U.S. rhetoric regarding relations with Russia — all these statements testified to this. It was clear that, it’s one thing when a person announces information on the level of the ordinary citizen and the other when he already has a different array of information.

After a meeting with the heads of U.S. intelligence agencies, he changed opinion. He was given appropriate information and data. Accordingly, what is trump doing now, this is not the actions of the candidate in US presidents during the election campaign. This is the opinion of a man who understands and accepts the decision of the state level. In this situation in Ukraine opens a huge window of opportunity to further not only continue support of the United States, but its extension. Because in this situation, the Ukraine acts as the victim of Russian aggression. And that means they can count on the help and at least sympathy from the international community.

With regard to further actions of the USA concerning Ukraine is unknown. However, what we see now should inspire hope the new administration of U.S. President all the more adequately describes the situation. And we can count on the help in various spheres, including in military-technical and diplomatic terms. However, if we talk regarding the reformatting of the Minsk agreements, there arises the question of what these agreements are recorded by UN security Council resolution. I don’t think the USA even with all the criticism from the international community in the UN will simply ignore the resolution and say that it is worthless. And unlikely to invent something new. Most likely, you need to go in the following way. Ukraine should start this work with US. In particular, we need to make a law about the occupied territories, about the restoration of territorial integrity. We first have to legislate their vision of “Minsk”. Recently, the German Ambassador said that it is possible to hold elections under the barrel of Russian guns. In Ukraine, he was accused of anything, and said that it is inadequate. But technically, he’s right. In “Minsk” says that first election. We must proceed from different principles than those comrades in Moscow who are trying to impose this agenda on. We must speak about that before the election you want to fulfill a number of conditions that meet the criteria of holding elections, established in the EU and the OSCE.

We can’t with the Minsk agreement, signed by whom is unclear, to put the higher than criteria, which were developed by the European Union. For these reasons, we must prescribe its agenda. That is your option, your script, your “road map” performed by “Minsk”, but the way we see, and from the point of view of protection of our interests. Then it will be the law with which Ukraine can already enter the international community and say: look here, this is not just a desire Poroshenko or someone in the Parliament, and this is the will of the Ukrainian people. That is the kind of “road map”, which promised us a channel four show in late November 2016, but has not done so. We have this initiative to take. We are constantly in dialogue around peace issues in the Donbass, constantly working situational, and are constantly one step behind the Kremlin. First, it imposes on us the initiative, and then we react to it is wrong. Just the Minsk agreements give us the chance to show initiative and to dictate the condition. In the current situation both times, and the United States can support this development and the vision of Ukraine’s regulatory problems in the Donbass, we need this help is very needed.