TOP 8 most unexpected places in the house where I like to hide bacteria

Experts called eight seats in the house, which may hide the largest number of dangerous bacteria, according to

It is considered that the largest number of bacteria contained in the dirty sink, somewhere in the bathroom or on the rag we wipe the floor. However, studies show that sometimes dangerous micro-organisms chosen for their dwelling places, which might seem surprising.

So, eight of the most unexpected places in the house where I like to hide bacteria:

1. Remote control

If you think about it, it is a habitat for bacteria seems logical. Quite a lot of time the subject spends in the hands of all family members, and none of them before that, do not bother to wash hands. As a result, studies show professionals, many remotes on average contains 70 different species of bacteria per square inch. That is why the remote control as often as possible should be disinfected with special solutions, for example, which is a mixture of water and lavender oil. The remote will not only pleasant smell, but also a reliable protection against bacteria.

2. Kitchen Board

Of course, many of us are used to clean kitchen Board every time after something on her cut, but did you know that this object contains 200 times more fecal bacteria than a toilet seat of the toilet? If your kitchen Board plastic, it is much easier to clean, but if it is made of wood, it is covered with numerous cracks and openings from the impact of the knife. It is in these cracks and are hiding bacteria. Be sure to use separate boards for cutting vegetables and meat, clean the surface of wood boards after use with hot water and liquid soap. Do not forget to dry the boards for at least 30 minutes.

3. Flooring

If you have wood floors, then they certainly will live bacteria. The flooring is a breeding ground for bacteria because it collects dead skin cells, food particles, animal dander and pollen. That’s why it’s so important to frequently clean the house using a water vacuum cleaner.


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    4. Door handles

    It seems obvious that door handles, switches, and similar items contain a lot of bacteria, but often people forget to clean them. Because of this forgetfulness, the bacteria can easily spread throughout the house. At least once a week, wipe these surfaces with a solution based on vinegar, which will help to kill the bacteria.

    5. Cosmetic brushes

    Women often spend a lot of time in the morning applying makeup before going to work and not even aware that they use brushes contain dozens of different types of bacteria. But think about that for a minute: these tassels fall on the lips, nostrils and even eyes, they collect from the face of the dead skin, sebum and sweat, which contains many microorganisms. Bacteria grow, and if the brushes are not cleaned, they go back to the face.

    6. Wet underwear

    Moist environment is perfect for bacteria. In addition, if possible, linen is better for drying somewhere on the street: as has been proved by researchers that it reduces the risk of bacterial infections.

    7. Toothbrush

    We should not be shocked by the information that a toothbrush covered in bacteria. Fortunately, most of these bacteria are our own, unless we share a toothbrush with someone else. Probably because of this, we should not sick. However, even my toothbrush is still necessary from time to time to disinfect and keep in the most dry place.

    8. Shoes

    Think for a moment about all the surfaces on which you went throughout the day. Earth, sand, dirt – it all sticks to the soles of the shoes. Even if you thoroughly wipe their feet before entering the house, it is still in the apartment are hundreds of species of microbes. Unfortunately, to solve this problem radically does not work, but in many homes, outdoor shoes it is customary to leave on the doorstep.