Syrian and Aegean issues

In conversation with journalists on the plane on the way back from Pakistan President Erdogan has made several statements in connection with the events in Syria.

“I can’t say that the new us administration has the final decision about Manuja and Raqqa, but these issues were discussed. If all countries agree, can be a joint operation,” he said.

And Deputy Prime Minister Kurtulmus (Kurtulmuş) yesterday noted: “We expect that the forces of people’s protection Units (YPG) will go from Manliga… These operations, we plan to cities ruled by their own residents, in the interests of the peoples of the region.”

About Raqqa the US, maybe there is no final solution, but as Manuja, they made it clear that the decision was made — they will not allow this city the Party “Democratic Union” (PYD) — the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK).

What to do in this situation is to openly talk with US about what “Autonomous district PYD established along our southern borders, will lead to an increase of PKK terrorism in Turkey, and our border security is under threat” and also to ask someone at the end of the operation in raqqa will be transferred to the management of this city.

In foreign policy to find a solution in dealing with each other is impossible, for Turkey, perhaps, the beginning of a very stressful and lengthy process.

Cardak and Islands

The Minister of defence of Greece Panos Kammenos (Panos Kammenos) said on television: “Let him come to Çardak, we’ll see how they go from here. The Hellenic armed forces are ready for any situation”. And challenged by Turkey.

Earlier Greece, capturing many Turkish Islands, brought a Greek flag and put its military.

And 11 April 2016, the Minister of defence together with the head of the General staff of Greece went to the island of Artictic related to Mugla, and said, “the Aegean sea, the Greek sea. We don’t want to fight but we a centimeter will not retreat from our rights.”

The Greek Minister, going even further, have threatened Turkey with a hint of what Cardak belongs to Greece: “Look, coming back to those, whose foot on Greek island”.

Foreign Minister Cavusoglu (Çavuşoğlu) responded to this statement: “the Greeks know better than anyone that I can do the Turkish military, if necessary. Let them clearly explain to this spoiled child and not test our patience.”

We were given a beautiful answer, but, ultimately, what makes “a spoiled child”, it is impossible to settle this kind of verbal duels.

Rocks the size of a point…

The former commander of coast guard, Vice-Admiral, retired Jan Erenoglu (Can Erenoğlu) in conversation with Siggy Ozturk (Saygı Öztürk) from Sözcü, said the following: “156 Islands, islets and rocks, occupied by Greece in the Aegean sea, including Cardassia rocks, are of vital importance. The Islands, islets and rocks is the “territorial waters”. Because there are territorial waters, there is “airspace”…

If the space formed by these occupied Islands, islets and cliffs, add to the territorial waters of Greece, it will mean the extension of its zone of influence by 80%.

Even if we take into account the rocks on the surface of the water in the sea looks like a point, they will provide area dominance with an area of 388 square kilometers.”

The Aegean issue with Greece is no less important than the Syrian problem; and, without losing time, you need to resolve this issue with the UN and the EU. Let Greece who knows that now Turkey is experiencing problems in relations with other countries will not be able to take advantage of the situation!