The US Admiral: Give Kim Jong-UN in a sense

The head of the Pacific command of the US armed forces said that the new American missile defense system THAAD is deployed in South Korea, aims to “bring to life” the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-UN, not “put it on your knees.”

Pacific command is one of six regional joint commands of the us armed forces; it is subordinated to us military forces and resources of all kinds in the vast area from the West coast to the Western borders of India and from pole to pole.

The commander of this group, Admiral Harry Harris said on the eve of the secret briefing for senators in the White house that the U.S. is ready to neutralize the North Korean missile threat using “the best technology”.

Speaking in the house of representatives at a hearing of the armed services Committee, Admiral Harris admitted that every rocket test, “Kim is getting closer to its goal, namely, to the use of nuclear weapons against American cities.”

USA deployed in South Korea missile defense system THAAD, designed to intercept ballistic missiles of short and medium range missiles at high altitude at the moment of their approach the goal.