Heartbroken, the Russian Ambassador thought that these were special meetings with Jeff Sissom unforgettable

Washington – Expressing dismay and sorrow at the fact that the attorney-General Geoff sessions (Jeff Sessions) again and again denies contacts with Russian officials during the presidential campaign of 2016, heartbroken Ambassador Sergey Kislyak told reporters Thursday that actually believes their own special meeting with the then Senator from Alabama very memorable. “Honestly, those two conversations really mean a lot to me, and I can’t be upset that Jeff took it all differently”, — said, almost in tears, Russian diplomat.


He added that he was simply unable to believe that sessions could, as if nothing had happened, to shy away from it, forgetting the many hours they spent discussing the intimate details of their lives — including their most intimate hopes and fears for their country.

“Really hurts to think that Jeff is not retained in the memory of those afternoons we spent sitting in his office, exchanging information about everything. It was one of the most important, full of meaning and useful conversations in my life, and Jeff easily erased from memory as if they had never existed at all. How could he do something so cruel?!”. Further, Kislyak said that even during his later conversations with former national security adviser Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn) he never forgot that precious time that they spent together Sessom.