Scientists have modeled the fall of an asteroid: millions of people dying

With this program, ARMOR, scientists decided to find out the consequences after the fall of the asteroid on a major metropolis, and what are the human losses, according to “GORDON”.

So, the researchers modeled the situation of the Apocalypse for London and Berlin. For example, they took an asteroid with a diameter of 200 meters and a density of 3.1 t/m3, provided that it is falling at a speed of 20 kilometers per second at an angle of 45 degrees.

Thus, scientists came to the conclusion that as a result of collisions of cosmic bodies with London would be lost 8.7 million people (the entire population of the capital of England) and 3.5 million people – for the loss of Berlin (also the entire population of the city).

The death of so many people, the researchers explained the shock wave from the fall of a celestial body and the heat radiation.

As reported on February 2, at a distance of about 160 million km from Earth flying 20-meter asteroid called P10zaUs, which was opened on January 30. It should be noted that this distance is 2.5 times closer than the moon.