Wirtualna Polska (Poland): a controversial draft law on the subject of the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact

As reported by Russian media, Duma Deputy Alexei Zhuravlev has made on its consideration of the bill on the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact and recognizing as invalid the decision of the Congress of people’s deputies of the USSR from 1989, which condemned the document. Earlier in the day Zhukov also proposed to amend the criminal code and introduce penalties for “falsification of historical facts about the causes and results of world war II”. In his opinion, “the laying on of the USSR responsible for the outbreak of the Second world war or the denial of the primary role of the USSR in the victory over axis countries in world war II, as well as the dissemination of information, the identity of the official political ideology of the Soviet Union and Nazism, committed publicly” shall be punished by a fine in the amount up to 300 thousand roubles, compulsory works for a term of up to two years or imprisonment.

Zhuravlev — Chairman of the party “Rodina”, which is considered ultra-nationalist. She appeared in 1998 and was created by the initiative of President Vladimir Putin in order to take away votes from the Communists.

24 December 1989 the Congress of people’s deputies of the USSR adopted a resolution entitled “On political and legal assessment of the Soviet-German non-aggression Pact of 1939” in which it condemned the Molotov —Ribbentrop Pact. Now Zhuravlev in your project proposes to cancel it, explaining that the document was made under the conditions of increasing political instability, under the pressure of external forces.

The MP stressed that the resolution distorts “the historical events, their causes and consequences, does not meet the national interests of Russia”, and also “paves the way for speculation, designed to split civil society and the prosecution in the USSR in the outbreak of the Second world war along with Nazi Germany”.

In support of his project, he drew attention that the policy conclusions of the secret protocols was “a characteristic feature of the diplomacy of that time,” and the Protocol “did not envisage a change of borders of other countries in any way”. Historians hold a different opinion and say that the secret Appendix to the Pact concerned the division of the territory or limits of the sovereignty of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Romania. On its basis the Soviet troops entered Polish territory on 17 September 1939, after the 1st of September Poland was attacked by the Third Reich.

Reader comments


Something not in the interest of Russia, hence, should be punished for this. Using this logic, you can do anything!


What kind of “ambiguity” of the project can say, the sound quite clearly! Denial of the facts, distort them systematically until you’re blue repeated lies, brainwashing of its own citizens… For centuries, nothing has changed: such a policy was pursued by tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union, and now holds Russia’s Putin. Maybe other people will finally Wake up and begin to better understand what is happening there? Remains to hope for it.

the representative of the MSZ

As we can see, each state has its own “historical policy”: Ukraine, Poland, Russia…


And now there is a Pact Putin — Merkel, unless something has changed?


This Covenant is still in effect. Has anyone heard that it broke? The agreement cemented the pipe in the Baltic sea. Moscow and Berlin in solidarity even opposed the canal on the Vistula spit.

Polski Kali

Why not blame the poles signed a few years earlier, a similar non-aggression Pact between the Second Polish Republic and the Third Reich? Does he not have ensured Berlin impunity during the attack on Czechoslovakia?


Facts are one thing, but their interpretation of how we see and hear, is quite another. I suggest that our Parliament to adopt a resolution stating that Soviet Union attacked Poland and more than 50 years it was occupied. Then send to the Hague a statement of damages and all!


And I think that’s does not sponsor any such article Germany. After all, if the poles claim that the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact caused the war, will dispute the Yalta agreement and deem void all the treaties that were signed by the Polish people’s Republic, in the end, we will have to pay the so-called Western lands or pay compensation for them. Dear compatriots, you let yourself be provoked.

nie żałować

Each country has its own method policy of erasing from the memory of the inglorious moments in its history. We exceptions are not present. The only right way — to look ahead and to draw conclusions for the future because you have the chance to attack, and the past finally left behind.