The suppression of the DPRK: China acts, the United States to discuss the inclusion of the DPRK in the list of terrorist countries

China began to exert pressure on North Korea, which continues to launch new ballistic missiles and other provocations. This requires the administration of a trump, which initiated discussion of inclusion of the DPRK in the list of terrorist countries. China is trying to soften the aggressive mood that is spreading in the United States, in order to avoid the destabilization of the Korean Peninsula.

February 28, foreign Ministry spokesman China Geng Shuang said that the Deputy foreign Minister of the DPRK Ri Kil song will be in China until March 4 and hold talks with Minister of foreign Affairs of China Wang I. it is Expected that China will explain the annual embargo on coal imports from North Korea imposed under the sanctions of the UN resolution, but also require to stop provocative actions that destabilisateur region: the nuclear tests and missile launches.

Geng Shuang said that the parties will exchange opinions on relations between China and the DPRK and discuss the matters of interest to both parties. The content of the negotiations will be communicated separately. The probability that the subject of discussion will be the murder of the brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Nam.

During a recent meeting of senior officials from the United States and China, the U.S. side demanded that Beijing is actively engaged in solving the problem of North Korea. Apparently, Washington wants China not only has increased the pressure with a ban on coal imports but also influenced by direct dialogue with the DPRK. Ties with North Korea can also become China’s diplomatic trump card in its relations with the American administration.

Geng Shuang also informed that on February 28 in Beijing to hold talks between Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Igor Morgulov who represents Russia at the six-party talks on North Korea and the assistant Minister of foreign Affairs of China kun Swanu. According to Geng Shuang, despite the fact that Morgulov leads a delegation to discuss security issues between Russia and China, the sides will also exchange views on the North Korean problem. Perhaps, the Chinese side will urge Russia to cooperate so that the DPRK has abandoned its nuclear and missile development.

China is seriously concerned that the aggressive attitude of the administration trump against North Korea could plunge into the chaos of the situation on the Korean Peninsula. Experts believe that Beijing will confirm the exchange rate on the settlement by dialogue with Russia, which is a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

Japan, USA and South Korea will work together to increase pressure on North Korea. “The U.S. attitude to the DPRK even tougher than before. Pressure on Pyongyang is growing,” — said the representative of the Japanese foreign Ministry in connection with what U.S. authorities are discussing the inclusion of the DPRK in the list of terrorist countries.

On February 27 in Washington hosted a meeting of representatives of the United States, Japan and South Korea. The parties discussed the DPRK nuclear issue and other issues. The US told Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK), again there is discussion on the inclusion of the DPRK in the list of terrorist countries. About this Korean senior official told South Korean media. He noted that the reason was the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam, which allegedly involved the government of North Korea.

In the fall of 2008 the Bush administration removed the DPRK from this list, since Pyongyang had taken steps aimed at the destruction of the nuclear potential. It is assumed that trump, whose inauguration took place about a month ago, concerned about nuclear and missile development of North Korea, which conducted experiments under the Obama administration, which declared “strategic patience.”

The government of Japan in 2008 sent a message to the Bush administration to seriously consider whether or not to exclude the DPRK from the list of terrorist countries. This time the Minister of foreign Affairs of Japan, Fumio Kishida said that he would not give any comments as this is an internal affair of the United States. However, in fact, he appreciates the increased pressure on the DPRK. Many also hope that it will contribute to the solution of the problem of DPRK kidnapping of Japanese citizens.

If the DPRK will be included in this list, you will increase the impact of the United States, Japan and the ROK to the UN security Council so that sanctions to be scrupulously respected.

The list of terrorist countries

Every year, the U.S. state Department includes in this list of countries involved in international terrorism, give terrorists money, weapons and so on. The sanctions, which restrict arms exports and economic assistance.
The list of 2015 included States such as Syria and Sudan. In 2008 North Korea was removed from this list.