What fears are preventing us to travel

There are many reasons why people refuse to travel: lack of money, time, company. But there is one, with which to fight the hardest, is fear, writes vokrugsveta.ua.

Many people dream to visit those wonderful places that show on Discovery or writes “Around the world”. Exotic destinations, Paradise Islands, inaccessible mountains in the world so many interesting things! But what if you can’t afford it? Not because it is far or expensive, but because it’s scary. Here are 7 fears that prevent you realize your dreams.

Exit the comfort zone

You had it all planned: gave the keys to the neighbor that was watering the plants, agreed with a colleague to substitute for you at work, and even took the kids to grandma’s. Nothing seems to be forgotten, but the peace still does not come. You suffer from the idea about what can happen while you’re gone.

The reluctance to leave your comfort zone – the most common reason why people refuse to travel. To overcome this fear, try to imagine the worst-case scenario events that can happen during your absence, and think about what you could do in such a situation. Write down everything on a sheet of paper and read several times. You will immediately feel relief: moral readiness for trouble will allow you to relax and calm down. And when you regain composure, think about the positive aspects of travel – new experiences, impressions, acquaintances. Dozens of benefits certainly outweigh the one and only fear.

Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown is kind of a continuation of the foregoing. On the one hand, the imagination paints a scary picture of what will happen with the house/kids/work and that will be with you in a new place. Anxiety and doubt paralyze the brain and no chance of constructive thoughts to get into your consciousness. What to do? Read, look, ask. The more you learn about the country where you are going, the more confident you will feel. You can even lay your own route, bypassing any potentially dangerous places. This will give you a sense of control over the situation.

The language barrier

The language barrier is also among the main reasons that causes discomfort during trips abroad. But here the situation is even simpler than with the comfort zone. Just sign up for courses, buy a PhraseBook and memorize a few key phrases from the category “How to get to the hotel?”, “Where to find the nearest supermarket?” and “I need a taxi”. And don’t forget “please” and “thank you” when asking for help from local residents. If this does not gives you confidence, buy a t-shirt with special designations – with her knowledge of the language you need.

Fear of a bad experience

This fear is directly related to the fear of the unknown. You say to yourself: “Yes, India is a wonderful country, but I can Rob. Or I will poison the local food.” Such thought gives rise to the stress of the trip, and that’s fine. But they prevent you to concentrate on all the good things that can give you this journey. Just try to shift their focus from the negative to the positive. It is difficult, but not impossible. Read more about attractions the country where you are going and see beautiful photos. This will help to calm down.

The fear of flying

Aerophobia, or fear of flying has turned into a kind of disease. But it is easy to overcome by training and logical thinking. First of all, it will be useful to know that for all time of existence of civil aviation (almost 100 years) victims of air crashes was about 150 thousand people – that’s less than die in traffic accidents around the world. Despite all these horrific stories in the news, plane crashes are quite rare. In addition, this risk decreases every year, because technology is evolving, and security measures become more reliable. But even if it is not able to reassure you, travel by land. There are plenty of ways to get to the destination of your dreams.

I fear that you will be robbed

Looting and cheating often happen to tourists, but unfortunately, you can’t affect it in any way. So the only advice you can give in this situation is to be as vigilant and cautious. Especially near popular tourist attractions and in places with large concentrations of people – that they often hunted thieves. Is also a good option to leave all valuables in the hotel safe. And the fact that you have brought, keep in sight. And not panic – everything will be fine.

What if I get lost

Possible. Especially if you are a curious person and interested in non-touristic routes. But to panic at the thought that you can be alone in a strange place, not worth it. First, everywhere (well, almost everywhere) there are people to turn to for help. You’ve learned the phrase “How to get to the hotel?”, really? If foreign languages are not yours, armed with map, GPS and good mood. This will help you to find the way home.