Freud and Putin

When Russian speakers say about the secret plans of the West is nothing more than projection. They just confess to us their intentions.

Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on the Internet German Klimenko said that the West wants to disconnect Russia from the world wide web. According to him, the country needs to be prepared for the unexpected aggressive action from the world’s capitals. And if you think this is just another manifestation of the conspiracy, which makes no sense to pay attention, you’re wrong.

In psychology there is a description of the mechanism of projection. This is a situation when a person unconsciously attributing their own qualities, feelings and desires to another person. In fact, this psychological mechanism that allows people to justify many of their actions.

This, by the way, can you explain the last three years the Russian foreign policy. When Moscow seizes Crimea — she truly believes that without first strike, but only “gives back” — in response to “by the West Kiev Maidan”. When it invades the Donbass says that it is the protection of “preemption”. When describing the story about “crucified boys” and “the brutality of the junta” — that psychologically gives himself the right to take any retaliatory violence. And gets it in their eyes — despite the fact that no boys crucified in reality was not.

Psychologists say that the projection mechanism allows the person to consider their own unacceptable feelings, desires, and motives of strangers. And, as a consequence, allows him not to feel responsibility for them.

Listen to what they say the Russian semi-official speakers. All those who regularly live on the Central Russian TV channels talk about the ruthless nature of the Ukrainian state. Those who talk about the desire of the West to divide and dismember Russia. Those who assert that Brussels and Washington are dreaming to take away from Moscow to Siberia and the far East. At this point they can think of that rebuke. But really they just confess. Live. 24 hours, seven days a week.

All this is just a description of what they would like to do with those whom they consider their opponents. The fact that they would try to arrange, if they had the appropriate resources and opportunities. Their speech is merely a delineation of their own desired picture of reality.

By the way, projection is one of the major defense mechanisms in paranoid and hysteroid personality disorder. When you consider that all of Russia’s leadership consists of veterans of the security services for which the conspiracy is a prerequisite to their professional activities — this coincidence is hardly accidental.

Therefore, the next time you hear from Russian speakers about the perfidy of the West and the ruthlessness of his plans — be aware that this is just a description of their own unconscious. These things need to be listened in order to understand how deep the rabbit hole goes. At least until all these people are able to influence our future.