Why the film “Moonlight” won the “Oscar”

Even if the announcement of the best picture of the year went according to plan and without any messed up envelopes, victory ribbon “Moonlight” still went to the history of the award “Oscar” as one of the major events and surprises last time.

So why “Moonlight” won a victory on the musical “La La land”, which was among the absolute favorites? There are a couple of reasons.

First, of course, this painting is an outstanding example of cinematography. And, it’s possible that the theme of growing up, exquisite cinematography and fine acting was closer to the Academy voters than the dignity of other films to claim the title of best film.

In 2016, after two years of protests over the so-called “white Oscar” (#OscarsSoWhite), members of the American Academy invited many members of ethnic minorities to participate in the vote. Film Academy continues to overwhelmingly consist of white males, but to a lesser extent than before.

Ethnic and cultural diversity of the jury could be a decisive factor in the bitter struggle for the best picture.

Film Academy selects winners based on the principle of the secret preferential voting, when the paintings are placed in order of preference, and not just given a vote for one candidate. This means that it is important not only among the first places in the voting (most of which would have meant the victory of a particular pattern in the system, which is used in other awards, for example, BAFTA), but shared the ball.

“La La land” was a leader in the fight for the nomination with its premiere at the Venice film festival in August where the band was greeted with enthusiastic reviews from critics.

By the time when Oscar was watching a movie, some might get the impression that the infinite praise and the annoying enthusiasm has created unnecessary hype.

In addition, in the current political situation in the US, a jury could decide to celebrate a film that raises deep and serious topics. No matter how beautiful in their dances, songs and love for Los Angeles “La La land”, his victory would look like as a demonstration of superficiality and complacency.

But “Moonlight” is a film about fate and about the fight, the film, which is something more than just entertainment.

The Academy includes about six and a half thousand members, and the reasons why they made their choice, can of course be very different.

The Academy will not disclose voting data, so it is impossible to know how many people voted for “Moonlight”. It could be a decision by a large majority, and the question of one vote.

But the victory of “Moonlight” over seemingly absolute favorite — is a great achievement. And the picture of Barry Jenkins about growing up men without a doubt deserves the main prize of the cinema.