They are again marching in the streets

The analyzed TV channel NRK, the Norwegian part of the Nazi organization calling itself “the Nordic resistance movement”. This is one of the largest and well-organized right-wing extremist movements in Northern Europe — and its main force concentrated in Sweden.

The Norwegian side represented by only a few dozen activists. But they are well organized, and we can say that they are hyperactive: stick posters, distribute leaflets and conduct other actions.

Sticker posters from the organization have visited many Norwegian cities and towns. And now the organization has announced that this summer will hold a demonstration in a “large Norwegian town.” Its purpose is to protest against the policy towards homosexuals.

“Norway occupied”

70 years ago the Norwegian resistance Movement took part in the fight against German Nazism, fought with those who occupied Norway. In 2017, the Nazis changed everything radically. Now called “the resistance Movement” they use.

Young Nazis claim that Norway was occupied by the members of the Jewish-Zionist conspiracy, and that they are fighting against so-called harmful effects of the Jews in Norwegian society. In the plot, in their opinion, involves politicians, the media, an important part of the state apparatus and many cultural figures.

In the past year, the activities of neo-Nazis in Norway has increased markedly. Norwegian and Swedish part of the “Scandinavian movement” closely cooperate with each other. In Norway while there were no violent acts that one would associate with members of the organization, but in Sweden the picture is quite different.

In Gothenburg, three members of the “Scandinavian movement”, organization playing a significant role in the winter of this year arrested on suspicion of being involved in several arson shelters for refugees and bookstore specializing in the sale of the “left” of literature.

“The Nordic resistance movement” claims that the organization has no connection to the attacks, and that even if they do are arrested the activists, they acted on their own initiative.

The same is claimed and the Norwegian part of the “resistance Movement” when the police in 2014 and confiscated a gun from one of the persons supporting the organization.

“The Nazis were more confident”

The head of the police security Service (PST) Prestructure Jorn (Jørn Presterudstuen) assigned, in particular, responsibility for control of right-wing extremist environment in Norway. He says that in this environment, recent years have seen a distinct change:

“First of all, we observed that they became more active. They are clearly on the rise and conduct these outreach activities. Second, they have become much more confident. They are no longer concerned with the idea that it is necessary to hide or disguise, most of them are now concerned the publicity, they need to show that Yes, this is something we fully support, and for this we are”.

— What could be the reason that they have become more confident?

“Of course, one of the reasons may be that they feel increased support in General. Perhaps because they are better organized. Perhaps because they have a more coherent guide, which gives the value of this sort of factors,” he said.

“The Nordic resistance movement” refused an interview with NRK, while previously the agreement was reached, and to comment on the issue did not want.

The struggle against Jews and homosexuals

Norwegian Nazis sample 2017 trying to impress serious political activists. “The Nordic resistance movement” was in Brandasund register (list of all Norwegian companies and organizations — approx. ed.). They have written in the Charter that they want to register a political party.

But their policy is reminiscent of Germany under Adolf Hitler 1930-1940-ies. The struggle against the Jews and homosexuals and the struggle for the purity of the Nordic race.

NRK has analyzed a substantial part of the most active members of the “Scandinavian movement” and supporters of the organization in Norway. More than half had previously prosecuted for criminal offences, some for violent crimes.

NRK famous person 30 Norwegian activists and relatives of “companions” — including all the leaders of the organization in the country. 17 of them in the last ten years been convicted by Norwegian vessels, a total of 24 times.

In six cases the sentences imposed for gross violence, in three cases violated the arms act. And sentences imposed for stabbings, attacks using incendiary bombs, the use of violence, robbery, drug offences, and all this in addition to sentences for less serious offences.

Jacob Ravndal (Jacob Ravndal), graduate student research Institute of the Ministry of defense of Norway and the Centre for the study of extremism at the University of Oslo, these data are not surprising.

“There is nothing surprising in the fact that they attract those who have been convicted of crimes involving violence. The founder of the entire organization was convicted of murder, the organization is not afraid of using violence. But now they do not consider violence as the preferred strategy,” he said.

Norwegian organization is most similar to a small sect — the analysis of NRK, shows that we are talking about a few dozen active members, and several bonLichem the number of different kinds of supporters.

Activists organized the so-called “nests”. “Nest 1” encompasses Eastern Norway, “Nest 2” — South, “Nest 3” — West, “Socket 4” — Central. A few activists within the “nest” is divided further into “battle groups”.

Neo-Nazi organizations were much more numerous in the 1970-ies and 1980-ies. But whereas for the neo-Nazis was characterized by alcohol abuse and a fight with ideological opponents and colleagues, the “Nordic resistance movement” — a much more disciplined organization.

The authorities are concerned

Despite the fact that Norwegian Nazis are few, the police security Service (PST) is concerned about what is happening.

“We have seen negative developments in right-wing extremist environment. We see that it becomes more organized. We see that it appears more clear than it was before, the user. We are seeing the expansion of cooperation between the representatives of the neo-Nazi environment in Norway and other countries, primarily in Sweden,” says Jorn Prestructured.

“The Nordic resistance movement” openly calls itself “national socialists”, but he doesn’t like it when members call him a Nazi is a word they consider abusive. They borrowed the most important elements of Nazi thinking in the 1930s-1940s years. “Democracy is just a symbol, against which we must fight,” writes the organization in one of its programs.

They believe that Norway was secretly occupied with the Jewish-Zionist power outside, and that Norwegian democracy is illegitimate. In order to overthrow this hostile force and to turn Norway into the Scandinavian part of the national socialist state, we need an armed revolution

That’s what, in particular, the organization stands for:

· Adolf Hitler was a great politician.

· The Holocaust that Nazi Germany was destroyed at least 4 million Jews is a lie.

· Manifestations of homosexuality in public places and gay marriage should be banned.

· In Norway must be entered “fit to race” form of the state. Everyone who does not belong to the North European or standing close to her race should be thrown out of the country. We need to create a special race Institute, who will explore those who immigrated to Norway, and to decide who should be expelled from the country.

· NATO and the EEA are aiming to involve Norway in the Jewish-Zionist world order, so it should get out of these associations.

· The school needs to stop the “democratic indoctrination” and instead begin to teach based on national socialist values.

Strict internal контрольl

The organization by a strict moral control.

Fully illicit drugs and other stimulants, there are strict limits on alcohol. The organization may not include persons suffering from mental illness — if they do the person. Smoking and piercings and tattoos if they are visible or prohibited, or look at them negatively.

Many of the demonstrations held in Sweden in 2016, the active members were in uniform, with banners, shields and flags. The demonstrators were reminded of the parades in Germany during Nazism, or about parades, who conducted the Norwegian Nazis during the war.

“We are not pacifists”

The analysis shows that NRK carried out, some of the leaders, activists and sympathizers, was sentenced by the court for serious crimes. As an organization, “Nordic resistance movement” claims that the current situation is not prepared to use violence.

“While we can act legally, the “resistance Movement” there is no reason to arm themselves with firearms or explosives,” says a small manual for activists intended for internal use.

But in the same guide there is something more sinister: “the resistance Movement — are not pacifists. It is clear to us that we can only win through physical struggle.”

The organization also says that those who take up arms against the “tyranny of death” — the Zionist conspiracy that, in her opinion, occupied Norway, can be considered the real heroes.

“We need to glorify the courage of those who snatches the sword from the scabbard when all are in confusion” and “On the side of those who resort to arms and acts, the eternal justice, even if some petty weaklings and say the opposite,” they write.

“Cunning strategy”

Jacob Ravndal believes that in Northern Europe “Nordic resistance movement” — one of the most located to the violence.

“There is nothing surprising in the fact that they look at people who resort to force of arms, as heroes. This leads to indirect support and those who prefer to go this way even outside of the organization. And it’s a very clever strategy,” he says.

In the document of the Swedish security police SÄPO States that activists of the “resistance Movement” in Sweden repeatedly tried to provoke clashes with members of contramestre during the shares held by the supporters of the Movement. This resulted in serious cases of violence.

In Norway, nothing like that has not happened, but during public events held by the organization, there were clashes, and verbal skirmishes — the last time it happened in the center of the Shi (Ski) at the end of January. Then the activists of the “Movement of resistance” came into the fight with the local youth, when he was about to pass out flyers.

The guide is for internal use so-called “random violence” during the stock used is described as a “resistance Movement” a separate method. They call this method “spectacular action”:

Clashes between members of the “resistance Movement” with forces or ideological opponents are of great interest in the media. Distribution of leaflets, which ends in a fight, by definition, can be classified as “entertaining action”, — stated in the document.

Very “Scandinavian resistance movement” chose not to comment on this question.

The TV channel NRK had an arrangement for an interview with the Norwegian head of Forvalda Haakon (Haakon Forwald), interviews had to take place in Dalarna (Sweden) on Saturday. At the preliminary meeting before the interview to the Swedish press-Secretary of “resistance Movement” Per öberg (Pär Öberg) has accused NRK that the channel is an agent of the security police PST, and that it deals with political persecution, calling some members of the organization by name.

Öberg also demanded that the planned interview was published entirely without notes.

The meeting ended with the delegation of the “Movement of resistance” got up and left, refusing to give interviews.

In an interview with Norwegian online newspaper Filter Nyheter in mid-February Vorwald said that “the resistance Movement” does not deserve such hype around their events.

“Compared to other political movements, we are very much tolerated, we are extremely tolerant and allow do a lot. Even in the case of physical assault, we are in no hurry to respond with violence,” said Torvald.

The fact that no one involved in the demonstrations of the nationalists has not died, he considers a miracle.

They recruit young

Although in Norway the participants of the “Scandinavian movement” very little, in the last year has been increasing — especially in regard to holding of shares. Many politicians said in an interview with NRK that they are worried that the organization is recruiting new members among very young people:

“We fear the active recruitment activities by extremist organizations, it is clear that young people and some persons outside the society, it is highly vulnerable to such recruitment and can be influenced by recruiters,” says Jorn Presterud of PST.

Last summer the Norwegian “resistance Movement” was registered in the register Brandasund as a combat organization, which has set a goal of establishing a political party. In Sweden, one of the leaders of the organizations elected to the leadership of one of the municipalities — he has a mandate from the party Sverigedemokraterna. Another one of the Movement’s leadership, is a candidate for the other members of the leadership of the commune.

From the left flank for the ultra-right

In Norway a Nazi organization as a political party not yet registered.

Exploring the organization in Norway, NRK was able to figure out that one representative of the local authority in Norway (at the level of the commune), elected from one of the parties of the left flank for the period 2011-2015, and later secretly took the Central place in the leadership of the Norwegian part of the Nazi “resistance Movement”.

Now, supposedly, this man from the party came, and in the “Nordic resistance movement” prominent role no longer played, but on the websites of organizations he’s active still.

There he, in particular, wrote anti-Semitic comments and passionately to support equities, which holds a “resistance Movement”.

When reporters NRK associated with this former politician of the left flank, he was very laconic.

“No comment,” he said and ended the conversation.

Ex-politician spent a lot of effort to conceal his identity. On the website of the “resistance Movement” in the Facebook, he published his comments under the alias “Credo” and “Credo ad arma”.

But, in General, “the resistance Movement” encourages its members not to hide any faces, or names. Some members of the organization do. Some show the face, not by name, but most still prefer to engage in political activities secretly.

NRK decided to mention some of the main activists and “sympathizers” of the Norwegian part of the “Nordic resistance movement”:

Supervisor: Haakon Forwald

Supreme leader of the Norwegian branch of the “Scandinavian movement” — Haakon Forwald (38 years). He grew up in Drammen and Racine in Norway, but emigrated to Sweden in 2013. There he settled in Dalarna — in the same region, which is home to many leaders of the much stronger Swedish branch of the organization.

Forward said previously, that Adolf Hitler was an excellent leader, and that he did not believe that the Holocaust, which is written in the history books, really took place. In one article, he wrote that immigration into the Western world — the weapon to destroy the white civilization that it is a controlled attack ongoing for many generations.

Deputy chief: Tommy Olsen (Tommy Olsen)

Deputy commander Forvalda in Norway 38-year-old southerner Tommy Olsen, he lives in Vennesla (Vennesla) near Kristiansand. In the past Olsen was associated with right-wing extremist organization operating in Norway in 1990-e and 2000-ies. In 2002, he was sentenced to one year and two months of prison after being stabbed by two immigrants.

As the coordinator of the actions of the leaders of the “nest”, he is responsible for the management of various actions of the “resistance Movement” across the country. Besides, he is one of four members of the so-called national leadership in Norway.

Olsen wrote the following on the website of the “resistance Movement”: “Those who argue that the Holocaust actually took place, have no proof of his absurd claims. They just believe invented the fables”.

About Adolf Hitler, he wrote that “he was a great man for his people and his race. And this man, so unfairly demonized by the enemies of national socialism, pushing against him, untrue accusations”.

The head of the nest: Tommy Nyberg (Nyberg Tommy)

The head of the “slot 1” “resistance Movement,” which operates in the East of Norway, the 48-year-old Swede Tommy Nyberg. He lives in Sandvika (Sandvika) in Barume (Bærum), moved to Norway from Sweden Sollefteå (Sollefteå) in 2009.

Nyberg is also a member of the national leadership of the “resistance Movement” in Norway.

Nyberg recently wrote about the racial question is the following: “of all the races available on Earth, most of all I like white. However, I did not say you hate others. But no one requires from a stork, so he chose the penguins.”

On homosexuals: “the Changing composition of the population, extreme poverty and lack of housing — perhaps a small price to pay for that insignificant minority organized parades in the streets, hand in hand with the political elite as if it is important for us. And this is an exceptional provocation: to spend time, money and energy on the rights of gays and lesbians in this context. Your free democracy can go fuck off with his nation destroying agenda.”

The head of the nest: Jan-Christopher Pedersen (Jan-Christopher Pedersen)

Jan-Christopher Pedersen — the main activist in the South of Norway, he heads the so-called “Nest 2”. He is also a member of the national leadership, which is the highest body of the Norwegian branch of the “resistance Movement”.

Last summer he participated in the protest that “the resistance Movement” conducted in connection with the gay festival “”Not the same” days in Norway” in Kristiansand. During the campaign he, in particular, tore and burned a few flags with a picture of a rainbow — a symbol of the rights of gays and lesbians.

Pedersen wrote about this event the following:

“The homosexual lobby — a generic term for those who are struggling to do this disgusting thing normal.”

Activists and sympathizers:

Geslingerd IDA (Ida Gislingrud) from Trigstad (Trøgstad), Martin Staged (Martin Steigedal) from Kristiansund (Kristiansund), Moveen Thomas W. (Thomas W. Mosveen) from Elverum (Elverum) and Ronnie Bordsen (Ronny Bårdsen) from Tønsberg (Tønsberg) are among the most active members of the “resistance Movement” and sympathizers.

Martin Staged, leader of the local “battle group” of the “resistance Movement” in Kristiansund, together with IDA Hollyrod said in a lengthy interview in the podcast “resistance”, as due to their activities, they have attracted the interest of the security police.

Thomas Moveen very active in the debate on the Internet and directly in the shares. In the debate on the Internet, he consistently calls immigrants “rats”. In comments to article about a man convicted in Sweden for a double murder, he wrote that “a Good black is a dead black, if he behaved the way he behaved. And the costs will be less.”

Ronnie Bordsen veteran Norwegian right-wing extremist environment. On the website of the “resistance Movement”, he, in particular, wrote the following, when there was a discussion about the construction of the new mosque:

“What the hell? Why the white Christian taxpayers have to pay for shelter for Ali and his monkeys? You get on your camel and get the hell out! Only traitors here in the country you want to live here, no one else!”

Among the prominent activists — a man who is 20, he lives in Lier (Lier), a woman of 30 years old from Elverum, the man about 30 years of Eidsvoll (Eidsvoll) and the age of the Asker (Asker).

The NRK has contacted all of the activists, but they are either not responded to treatment, or referred us to the Norwegian leader Haakon Forwald. None of them give interviews on this topic is not wanted.

The researcher of the problem of extremism Jacob Ravndal warns about the likelihood of turning “resistance” to bongreater problem than it is now:

“They should be treated seriously, but at the same time not exaggerating their significance either in terms of policy, either in terms of violence. It is a very, very small group of people, ideologies that will be very difficult to gain a foothold in our country,” he says.