How entrepreneurs should deal with stress

Domestic entrepreneurs are already used to relive stress on the foot, so often do not take seriously the possible implications of that relationship to the psyche and health. And psychologists, meanwhile, advised not to ignore the anxiety, poor sleep, depression, because this can and must fight to find then the power to control and grow your business. About how to deal with the manifestations of stress, with our readers shares a psychologist Ekaterina Gican.

Let’s start with the fact that stress is an adaptation reaction. It helped our ancestors to quickly mobilize in case of sudden danger.

How to recognize stress?

On such symptoms:

– physical weakness, headache, high fatigue;

– hard to relax;

– sleep disorders;

– impaired concentration, memory problems, confusion;

– muscle stiffness, spasms;

– depression, apathy;

– disorders of appetite: hunger or the eating;

– irritability, anxiety, tearfulness;

nervous tics, compulsive movements (people biting lips, biting nails, etc.);

– suspiciousness, intolerance of others;

– the desire to “drop everything”.

These are usually symptoms of third stage stress. Of stress three stages:

First: the alarm reaction, or mobilization. Pulse and breathing become more frequent, throws out the “stress hormone” cortisol, the body’s systems are in standby mode.

Second: the stage of resistance, when the body tries to adapt, and either calms down or goes to the third stage.

Third: the stage of exhaustion, when falls the body’s resistance, and the person begins to experience the unpleasant symptoms described above.

There is much talk about the chronic fatigue syndrome. But it does not occur very often: according to statistics, 3% of the population, predominantly in women 30-45 years old, successful in his career. Hence its second name – “Manager syndrome”. Indeed, entrepreneurs and managers are stressed, but in today’s changing environment.

How to cope with stress?

First of all, we must remember that stress mobilizes the body. Therefore, in order to overcome it, you need to relax and relieve stress.

To breathe. When we are nervous, we breathe in bursts, hold the breathing and to calm breathing deeper breaths and fuller breaths. By the way, one of the reasons why it is believed that Smoking helps to calm down, is that inhaling, the smoker makes so-called gipervizor, very deep breath and slowly releases the smoke.

To drink. In times of stress dry mucous membranes, and quickens the bloodstream, so it is helpful to drink water. If you want, you can drink milk, it contains the amino acid tryptophan which helps to relax and elevate mood. Alcohol helps to remove a single voltage (for example, immediately after the exam or any disputes with the licensing authorities), but when stress is prolonged and goes to the third stage, the alcohol only exacerbates the symptoms.

Take yourself in the feet. Yes, it is in feet. This is useful when you want to hide from others his emotion. Try to sink my toes into the floor, feel the tension in your fingers, and then gradually relax them, pochuvstvuy how heat is distributed in the feet and legs. You can use hands: just put them on my stomach. You don’t outwardly show concern and save calm, and nervous tension 2-3 minutes will be reduced.

Alternate tension with relaxation. Strongly squeeze your fist until you feel a tremor in the hand, and then slowly relax it. So you will be able to transfer the tension in the arm and will manage your condition.

To give a physical outlet for his negative emotions. It is believed that negative emotion lives in the body for 3 days, and then can transform into a disease. To get rid of the accumulation of negativity, at least once in 3 days to go:

to the gym (emphasis on the collar area and on the back, because due to sedentary lifestyle the muscles there stiffen and this can lead to osteoarthritis),

to beat a pear (Japanese-style room, where you can bash a figure, depicting the head, no wonder become legendary, this is an effective way to cope with stress),

– in the pool (there is also the breath can establish and “dissolve” the negative in water),

– Jogging, for a walk in the Park

– football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc. (to play),

– dancing

– to a concert, etc.

Remember, our ancestors were much more active way of life, not holding emotions inside, and were physically healthier.

– To establish power. Stress can lead to disruptions in digestion, and to avoid this, it is enough to observe simple rules: a varied diet, frequent drinking.

To relax. Option to sleep one time for the week ahead is not suitable, because the body needs to recover every day, not once a week. Otherwise, neurophysiology rebel and she will break the stop-cock, and at the most inopportune moment.

To reconsider the attitude. In psychology there is the concept of “positive revaluation”, when one looks for the positive even in a bad event. Successful entrepreneurs perceive the problem as a challenge, like a difficult task, and the harder the task, the more excitement.

To train tolerance for uncertainty, ie calmly and not panicking to relate to strange situations, such in the life of an entrepreneur is the mass, and almost daily. If you manage not to panic when others lose control, you’ll be able to beat the competition.

Not to dwell. Under stress the mind is narrowed, i.e., the review is limited. It is like being in a dark forest with a flashlight: what path will light a flashlight, this and see. But paths can be weight, and the solution of one problem can be many.